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“Big whirls have little whirls that feed on their velocity, and little whirls have lesser whirls and so on to viscosity.”
Lewis Fry Richardson
Whorl vs whirl?
whirl: to spin (a verb)
whorl: shaped like a spiral (a noun)

“Who you are is a movement” Thomas Huebl

What is this alongside? Looks like a stuck wheel to me. Isn’t that what Buddha called suffering? A stuck wheel or attachment to identity.
This site is a work in progress. It took a year to make up its mind what it was becoming…
This is where I finally write whatever I feel like writing in the moment, based on a rudimentary understanding across various disciplines blended with personal anecdotes. It’s an attempt to play rather than suffer on this planet…
A lot of the ideas and thinking expressed here are inspired by the work of Thomas Huebl and other contemporary teachers. A kind of free association to new ideas coming in.

Are you a noun or a verb?
A particle or a wave?

In Earth School we explored ourselves and the people around us as individuals (nouns); as having a fixed or nearly fixed identity, even if this labeling is complex, such as in the theory of personality comprising multiple mythological archetypes.
In Earthuni we see ourselves and everyone else as a constant stream of ever changing process (verbs). Perhaps the human psyche is better described through fluid dynamics than a paradigm of identity/personality. Like weather and tides in a collective field?
We “wear” personality archetypes just like a river “wears” its river banks. These banks change over time or with depth, or could change rapidly due to direct intervention or flooding, but the source is always the same. The electricity that informs your life is a constant stream. How you perceive this, “your calling” or “your programming” depends on your philosophical perspective.
Earth School is shaped like an ear, hence the website url:
Earthuni, the website you are currently visiting, is the shape of a tropical storm, fluid and ever changing, eternally nourished by source/the constant becoming or receiving of fresh new air at the very core of each of each of us.
This is the same shape as the universe, of galaxies within galaxies, also the shape of a storm in a teacup, which is a good way of thinking of our current perspective of our “unique” selves, the human psyche. Have you noticed, this is the same shape as the electromagnetic field around each human heart, a holon, which is the same shape as the universe… or perhaps even the mind of God?
We are, each of us, a storm in a teacup, perceived as separate and also part of “all that is” simultaneously. Where mind meets infinite source. At our core we are empty space (Yin). Surrounding this core we are creative, actively turning thoughts into structure by watering them with our life force (Yang).
Welcome to Earthuni. Where the fluid dynamics of the human spirit meets solid ground, and even flirts with science.

Earthuni birthed itself on the eve of 2016. How did this happen? Read more here

What do we explore here?
Is this a multi dimensional playground? And if so, how can we shift dimensions?
Can you use your thoughts as a navigational aid, an inner GPS, rather than believe them and react to them with knee-jerk responses?
Could it be that you are pre-programmed through a chemical addiction to certain feeling states? And if so, what can you do about this?
How can you get to know and master your own programming?
How do you get in touch with your calling? the constant stream informing your life?
These are the topics we will be exploring on this site.

Putting God back together

Come to think of it, if you take a holograph and cut it in two you get two identical holographs. If you take one of those and cut it in half again, the same thing happens. Again and again it is the same result. Each time one loses a bit of resolution but the entire pattern stays intact, fully replicated instead of halved.

If this works in one direction shouldn’t it work in the opposite direction too?
If one takes two identical holographs and put them together wouldn’t you then have a larger more perfect version of the same thing?

If God is the entire holograph and each one of us a tiny fragment, then each is an exact replica. Standing together we become more perfect. Perhaps the task then of each of us is to see ourselves for who we really are and become One. By emulating the divine, we put God back together and have heaven on earth.