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Information – Grounding Course


Practical Tools for Grounding and Embodying Light

A New Series with Markus Hirzig

What does it take to go from not knowing the next step, or feeling pressure to act now but not knowing how, to actually opening up and living your full potential, and perhaps even helping to make a difference in the world? From June through to September we’ll be going on another intensive journey with Markus Hirzig to clear the way for a new phase in our lives, and for humanity in general.

markus-hirzigThis is a hands-on course during which you will learn practical exercises to develop your subtle capacities and ability to embody light. The course takes place in the safety of your own home environment with one of the best and gentlest guides of our times, with us on this journey, fully present to our unfolding.

The course comprises six 90 minute sessions with Markus, spread so that you have enough time to integrate the work, do the exercises and ask questions in between. During each of the six live sessions you will learn new tools and practices. Ask questions live and have the rare opportunity to work directly with Markus with the support of a small supportive group. There is also an option to join a weekly triad with other participants to integrate the work further.

awakening subtle body competencies
You will also get all the exercises from the first course so that you can start applying these right away.

Dates for the live calls

All calls 10 am CEST/ Switzerland. 9 am UK.

Call 1 June 15th (Thursday)
Call 2 June 29th (Thursday)
Call 3 July 13th (Thursday)
Call 4 August 31st (Thursday)
Call 5 Sept 7th (Thursday)
Call 6 Sept 28 (Thursday)

– let go of whatever is getting in your way
– build a bigger base to embody higher consciousness
– learn practical grounding tools that you can use at any phase of development
– develop and/or fine tune your subtle body competencies
– bring more joy and manifesting capability into your life
– learn and practice in a safe environment with a sincere and experienced guide

Who is Markus?
Markus Hirzig
Markus Hirzig has been mentoring people for more than 30 years. He began as as a physiotherapist and for the last 20 years has been an osteopath, as well as a trainer and coach. He has been working closely with spiritual teacher Thomas Huebl for more than 10 years and is a senior mentor in Huebl’s community

Is this course for you?
This course isn’t for everyone. Join us if you:
– feel like it or your intuition tells you its the next step
– friends have been saying you are too in your head or not in your body
– have been meditating a lot and seem to have reached a plateau
– your friends tell you that they think you are ungrounded
– you feel fearless
– you can’t meditate without being flooded with thoughts
– would like to fine tune your subtle body competences
– would like to be more embodied
– would like to build a bigger base to ground more light
– would like to bring more joy and also manifesting capabilities into your life
– would like to be more present for others
– would like to shift from thinking to feeling to being vital
– you have done a lot of work on yourself but still seem to be holding yourself back
– would like to learn in a safe environment with a gentle, highly respected guide

Essentially we all need to make this work a priority. The tragedy is we think it applies to others not us. This course offers a path back to your true self that is safe, tested and enlivening. It’s an opportunity to take your place at the leading edge of personal and collective awakening. Use the power of a supportive group to go further and faster than you can on your own.

How to join
Series 2 is now closed. You can however access excerpts from Series 1 below.

Series 1 – 6 guided exercises with Markus Hirzig
170 €

For further information, please email us support(at)