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Facing resistance? think like a pilot


Pilots know something that the rest of us haven’t quite figured out.
Only the idle face no resistance.
Resistance is a natural byproduct of action.

The faster you go the more resistance you face
something magical happens
suddenly you are airborne.
What was once resistance is now the wind under your wings.

Face the wind and love it. Learn how

The war is over in all the territory you own…?

We all own some territory, even if it is just the small space between our ears. Lets unite all these peaceful spaces from heart to heart, mind to mind, a healthy virus to heal us all..
war is over wherever you are

“Occupy and use your country. If you don’t others will” Robert Louis Stevenson

In 1894 Robert Louis Stevenson gave an address to the chiefs of Samoa on the opening of the Road of Gratitude, warning the chiefs to take ownership of their own land so that it was not occupied by others. The true warriors that generations will bless in future, he said, are not the fighters who kill and wound but those who clear the bush, plant productive seeds and build roads that can serve others, perhaps even hundreds of years from now. Stevenson’s speech applies not just to physical territory but also to less obvious zones that are just as real. Personal boundaries are breached when we don’t occupy this space ourselves. Others can’t feel our ownership because our presence is lacking. Then there’s that quiet fountainhead at the core of each of us that needs constant tending and defending. The tiny well of infinite source that each one of us is responsible for keeping clear and empty of debris so that new inspiration can flow in. When, we escape to the small life raft each of us also owns, called “intellect” and abandon our other rich territories, who are we to complain when suddenly they are enlisted in someone else’s war or profit machinery? Let’s take ownership of our own inner domains and fill them with peace and love and joy and creative innovation.

Positive role models?

From an inner territory perspective, Victor Frankl trail-blazed a path, how to do this from a rock bottom place, by figuring out how he and and a few others survived Auschwitz while so many others didn’t. Said Frankl, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.”
Frankl’s method is described in his 1946 book: Man’s Search for Meaning (Identifying a purpose in life to feel positively about, and then immersively imagining that outcome.

Frankl also said, “Freedom, however, is not the last word. Freedom is only part of the story and half of the truth. Freedom is but the negative aspect of the whole phenomenon whose positive aspect is responsibleness. In fact, freedom is in danger of degenerating into mere arbitrariness unless it is lived in terms of responsibleness. That is why I recommend that the Statue of Liberty on the East Coast be supplemented by a Statue of Responsibility on the West Coast.”

There are many ways we can stand together, uniting all the peaceful places we own, from heart to heart, mind to mind to spread healthy virus to heal us all..

From a land/physical territorial perspective, Standing Rock Sioux tribe who won the case against pipeline drilling under the Missouri river lake recently showed us how to do it.

Here’s a thread to a campaign that John Lennon started in 1969. You can get free posters to spread around in any language from his site:

If you would like practical help reclaiming your own inner territories, not only to find peace but also to enliven your spirit, develop subtle body competencies, and awaken to your own potential, join us in Earthuni with Markus Hirzig, a trusted and respected guide who can help you reclaim your own fountainhead of inspiration and aliveness. If not now, when? Seize the day.

Starting January 10 2017, wherever you are in the world.
Join us here –

A challenge to the free press (that means you)

Fibonacci sequenceHere’s a way we can all participate in grounding the depression that’s growing within our collective Zeitgeist using the mathematics of mother nature herself. The Fibonacci sequence. Let’s attempt to stay open and creative to whatever is arising in us and then the next day we attempt to double this capacity. How? Perhaps we invite someone else to participate with us and that doubles the empty window at a rate that then grows itself exponentially. radical-no-story-challengeHere’s the first empty window on this blog. radical no storyWouldn’t it be great if all the free press of this world (including all bloggers) could prove to us that they really are free press by executing something similar in their own media to remind the rest of us to stay open and present. We could do the same on Facebook and other social media by progressively blanking out our profile pics using the Fibonacci sequence as a guide.challenge to the free press, radical no story

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” said Lao Tzu. But that’s a long slow lonely path out of the past unless we follow the mathematics of collective grand design to bring joy, inspiration and innovation into our global village.
All it needs is for each of us to take personalty responsibility to keep a tiny window open, bringing clarity and calmness to our own central core.

“Inside I’m connected to the core of life, the process of creation” Thomas Huebl

Does the past have a hold on you?

mystic mandrake, Rorschach test
Perhaps there’s something stuck in this tree that needs to be set free? I’m curious to know what you see. If you don’t mind sharing, tell us in the comments below.
Last Saturday I came across these this phenomenon while walking in the woods. It was as if the tree had actually grown around a real person. I showed the picture to several friends and everyone saw something different. Perhaps this tree is a kind of mystic mandrake or even Rorschach test that leads us, through creative play and exploration, to what needs loosening up. If you are wondering what’s keeping you stuck, spend a bit of time contemplating this tree. I think it helps us let go of the past by dissolving ideas that no longer serve us. How about you?

What’s happening in the world? (Think like a dentist)

molenaer-the-dentist-1629Watching the American elections unfold is a bit like going to the dentist. A harsh light gets shone on what’s rotten within us or needs healing, then, hopefully, the right tooth get extracted. From my vantage point across the ocean, this time round it seemed like the wrong tooth got extracted. But here’s a thought that might help make sense of this seeming tragedy. The current teeth are just placeholders for the future generation. What if we see ourselves at the beginning of the story instead of at the end of it? Perhaps what is really happening is the shedding of a great nation’s milk teeth?

When my son was a year and a half he cracked one of his front teeth. It looked perfectly normal for a number of years but then eventually it started to rot. A dentist in Switzerland insisted that it be kept as a placeholder for the teeth underneath but it looked terrible and was destroying his confidence. Fortunately I got a second opinion from a dentist I liked and respected while visiting family in SA. This dentist (who had even fixed elephant teeth!) said that both teeth now had abscesses under them and this could adversely affect the next generation of teeth. While they were placeholders for future teeth it was too risky to keep them and the teeth below would be far better off if these two were both removed even though the one looked healthy.

Or perhaps what I’m really looking at is simply a tricky little dentist’s mirror that I can’t yet look into?
How does this apply? Read more

Grounding – what does it mean and how to do it

Thursday, December 8, Markus Hirzig shared on why we need to ground ourselves now more than ever before and what we can do to clear the way to allow the light to anchor more fully through us, how to build a bigger base to embody higher consciousness and also how to bring more joy and manifesting capability into our lives.

A second Q&A took place on Jan 10th – access here
Join us for more practical grounding sessions with Markus in Earthuni starting June 15, 2017.
Find out more here

I’ve divided the first interview into a series of short clips each answering a specific question.
If you prefer to watch the full video scroll down to the bottom of this page.

How can grounding help you live your potential?

Why does the world seem so dangerous? What happens when we project fear

How can I become more embodied?

Why you need a relaxed supportive environment to shift to higher levels of consciousness?

Is it enough just to visualize yourself grounding? Or is more required?

Why is grounding more important now than before?

Why is it more difficult to ground in some countries or places?

Can negative feelings, like fear, serve us ?

Full replay
Audio version

Video Replay

What happened to me on this call?

I attempted to stay fully present to whatever was arising instead of going into my head as usual.
Result? The energy coming through was bigger than my current “flowerpot”
It was a perfect demonstration of exactly what Markus talks about at the beginning of the interview.

I’ve gained so much from working directly with Markus the last 6 months that I’ve invited him to join us in Earthuni for a 3 month guided journey, tailored to your specific needs. I really believe this is what we all need right now. Practical tools to embody and embrace our potential. It would be great if you could join me on this adventure. I can’t stress enough how important it is to awaken to one’s vitality, feel and let go of what may have been holding us back for eons and/or fine tune one’s subtle body …. there are so many layers to this and all are beneficial. It doesn’t really matter where you are on your own personal journey, you will find a supportive community and direct help to take the next step whatever that may be.
How to decide if this is for you? Read more about the coming course and join us here
I can honestly say that taking the step to work with Markus was the best decision I’ve made. If you would like to know more about my journey in 2016 here’s an informal conversation I had with a former student and colleague while visiting Melbourne. conversation with Ruth Gale. (log in to access)