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How can art triumph over violence?

“Remember that your nations measure you by what you create and not by what you destroy.”

What to do about the growing number of disappearing journalists, the escalating violence towards environmentalist activists, or concerned citizens who dare to speak up about pipelines going through their sacred grounds, or about their disappearing butterflies or virgin forests, and now #BlackLivesMatter protestors risking life and limb for social change. Is there a way for humanity to survive and thrive and even leap up to the next level of co-creation instead of fighting violence with yet more violence? And what to do about “Silence gives consent”? How can we actively contribute without becoming yet another statistic? Or without stooping down to the same level as the perpetrators of violence? Or instead of numbing out and flicking to the next channel? (Question I’ve asked myself for decades.) This article explores two ways each of us can take positive action to ensure a better world for ourselves and future generations.

About a year ago I watched a youtube video of Jordan Peterson giving a talk on his 12 Rules for Life, an antidote to chaos. (Petersen is a highly controversial figure and I’ve been advised to cut him out of this story as he isn’t really relevant to what I’m writing about here. Maybe I will in future, in a shorter version of this piece, but for now I’m leaving him in so you can follow how I got to re-discovering Solzhenitsyn.) This video (which you don’t need to watch) led me to getting his book by the same title (which you don’t need to read) plus a copy of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s “Experiment in Literary Investigation: The Gulag Archipelago” which Peterson mentioned while discussing the 8th rule in his book, which is Always tell the truth, or at least don’t lie. (This part, inspired by Solzhenitsyn, is about 56 min into his video.)

Solzhenitsyn in Sternenberg, Switzerland Summer of 1974

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in Sternenberg, Switzerland Summer of 1974. Solzhenitsyn Center

I’ve been sitting with Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Nobel prize acceptance speech on my lap ever since. Almost to the point that its burning holes right through my feet.

This incredible speech, written 50 years ago, feels like it was written for us now, as a call to action.
The truth of it rings in my ears but still I feel frozen. What to do?

I feel a strong affinity towards Solzhenitsyn because, after he was expelled Read more

Attentional Violence

penguin turning away from humanity, attentional violence
Photo by Francisco Arnela on Unsplash
Attentional violence. This is what we do to the “uncool” people. To the foreigners. Or to all those who we took for part of the furniture when we moved in. To the rare birds who make us squirm in our grey-feathered sameness. To the too dark or the too light. Hearted. To the too bright, too different, too “other”, thereby breaking the cookie-cut order and sweetness, shaped by the fear of not fitting in. To the marked or the damned or to our own daemon when she wakes us up at 3am in the morning with a seemingly good idea. This is what we do when we turn our back on friends because we don’t know how to help or we can’t deal with our own discomfort. This is what we do when we ignore our babies reaching out, or to our children when they no longer try, and focus instead on the continuous stream of chatter on our phones, the pings and pongs calling for our attention. Or what we do when we leave someone out in the cold, or out of our family tree or bibliography, because we think they don’t count or because they matter too much. This is what we do to Mother Earth when we turn a blind eye to what we’re doing and keep doing what we have always done. Attentional violence. This is what we do to ourselves. To our inner child. Who calls and calls and is never heard.

This post was inspired by Otto Scharmer who writes about three types of violence: direct violence, structural violence and attentional violence in his recent article on Turning Toward Our Blind Spot: Seeing the Shadow as a Source for Transformation.
Attentional violence enables and seeds the other two forms of violence, says Scharmer: ” This form of violence is less discussed, but equally important. Not being seen for who you are and who you could be — your highest future possibility — is a form of violence that diminishes your ability to act from that capacity. Perpetual attentional violence is collectively enacted — against others, but also against ourselves — every single day. The poor-quality public education available to most young men and women of color is just one example.”

Scharmer invites us to explore what we are not seeing, not feeling or not taking action on. (Frozen mind, frozen heart or frozen will.)
I like what he and Thomas Huebl are exploring together regarding collective healing through presencing in large groups.

The Return of Jennifer

Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 11.51.59Suddenly the name Jena feels too tight. And Jennifer has returned home, to remind me to step into a bigger, more authentic version of myself. She was a gift from my parents and only called on when it was “time to really get serious”. Therefore I’m happy to have her back. She’s needed now more than ever. Deep down all of us know that, “Everything that has happened to us until this moment, prepares us for what is happening now.”

What to do about all Jennifer’s diminutives?
Love and embrace them all!

Jena is my professional hand reading persona
Jenni is my previous life sports identity
Jen and Jenny are for people who have known me forever

Feel free to call on whichever person you prefer.
We’re one large family. And all of us open the door.

Markus Hirzig on fake news

Extract from a rough transcript from a 6 May 2020 private group call with Markus Hirzig

“The game board is alive. When we make the next step the game board changes.
The moment you notice that, you make an evolutionary step
. Your neighbors change
, the game board expands. Your perspective, the perspective of the whole game board changes. The whole thing is alive.
With millions contracting, the whole game board contracts 
and we don’t have so many abilities anymore.
 What was thinkable is no longer thinkable.
If you make real step the whole atmosphere changes.
The truth changes. It’s different.
 The perspective changes.
 Otherwise we need to do it again and again and we won’t arrive.
Making a step means we move.
Does the next step create a bigger game board or a smaller one or more of the same?

29.30 re fake news:
 believing there’s a force out here not for us
, we have no agency, 
and the world will not care.
And then we take facts and create a story around that.
It means we are not able to create democracy
. It’s a young view
As long as we project power and choice to others it is a bit young.

God only gives us the playground but we create a game.
The inertia of the game board is karma, decisions we haven’t taken responsibility for and we don’t look fully
and then that might look like a conspiracy. The facts may be true but how have we (twisted the facts into a fake story that reflects our younger self’s perception)?

 Good is in the eye of the beholder. How our system interacts with that. And if we can let go of good or not good we might notice the expansion or contraction of the universe.
 When someone’s transmission contains energy that means she’s in resonance with the creative process. And, if her mind, body and emotions are sending a congruent message, that will enrich our system and it will open the game board. The universe grows. Literally. 

If someone brings up a fear from a younger period (such as “I have no agency and the world doesn’t care” ) they contract and try to reduce the game board. If we go along with them we also reduce the game board. If we don’t go along and we pull out our energy we also contract the game board. But there’s a third option
which is to stay fully present but not contract with them through fear or shame or anger. Then we have the possibility to look around clearly and see what the next adjacent possibility is? What agency do I have? What’s there for me to do? ”

Is the best vaccine “I Sing the Body Electric”?

tuning forks to create nitric acidThere’s a tectonic shift taking place in biological science. A change in perspective from a chemical model to an electrical model, particularly after John Beaulieu published his research into sound impacting healing/spiking nitric oxide in 2002. Source 1: Source 1 Source 2
Further studies followed.

Now the gold rush:

Says >Quote by Lynne McTaggart : “In the last six years, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has set up two pharmaceutical companies: Calico (2013) and Verily Life Sciences (2015). Verily went on to partner with GlaxoSmithKline to create a third innovative drug company called Galvani Bioelectronics. In this way, Google can essentially harvest patients for Verily. Say you type in ‘alternatives for arthritis.’ What won’t immediately appear any longer are actual alternatives.”

Other pharmaceutical companies have joined the race. Source

And now a fresh idea

What if the new vaccine that everyone is searching for (against Coronavirus, Covid-19, C19 or any illness) isn’t new at all but is as ancient as human collaboration? What if it isn’t a chemical substance at all, but instead it produces a chemical substance (in our bodies)? Sound or music, or preferably, the musical note C128 to be exact. A sound already known to science way back in 500 BC and called by Pythagoras “the perfect 5th”.
After 40 years of experimenting with sound and it’s impact on people’s health, this is what John Beaulieu intended when he set out to prove scientifically that sounds impacts health. Instantly. Playing this single sound to organic material has now been scientifically proven to spike nitric oxide (the sign of good healthy cells) in all living, organic matter. (See notes 4) And big biz is trying to commoditize this.

Where can healing sounds be found? Read more

Shaken Awake

We are being shaken now. Perhaps shaken until we awaken. And some of us may feel more shaken than others. Some of us may feel overwhelmed. Uprooted, plucked or perhaps even dashed.
If you are at the front line of the pandemic, my heart goes out to you. Thank you for being where you are right now, and for all you are doing in service to others and your community.
The rest of us each have our own response-ability. The responsibility to help the frontliners as best we can, through innovation or material support or by containing the numbers through staying at home, the response-ability of making and wearing home-made masks (in case we have the virus and don’t realize we are spreading it), the responsibility to presence all the feelings arising in ourselves and others and the response-ability to hold enough space for these feelings to be digested or to settle.

How can we do this?
Here are some drawings that may help.

Image A: This is where we are now


Image: Katsushika Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa (1829)

Image B: This is where we are aiming for

thousand headed snake of eternity

Vishnu, as himself, as the thousand headed snake of eternity and the cosmic ocean

Now squint your eyes.
Do you notice any similarities between the two images?

It’s probably the same place! Just Image B is a higher resolution. (Has more clarity.)

In image A we feel swamped. Totally overwhelmed. Our solid ground is in danger of disappearing. Overwhelmed by feelings. And/or overwhelmed by information.

In image B we feel more on top of things. Perhaps we are starting to wake up to the game.

Here, the enlightened one, Vishnu, sees the game, (the thousand headed serpent, Ananta-Sesha)
and that he is the game
and the master
at the same time.

All of us are somewhere between A and B right now.
And perhaps there is also a battalion of angels hanging around to help us. Actually we all are these angels. We just haven’t noticed yet because we are so busy playing our unique part.

Our part in what?

Being Wind or Air (spreading wild or calm thoughts)
Being Earth ( solid ground for others…. perhaps resistant to change.)
Being Water (feeling, nurturing, flowing. Or sometimes flooding. Perhaps driven by Wind to re-carve Earth.)
Being Fire (spirited, transformative, innovative, re-creating through destruction.)

Which role are you playing now?
Earth, Air, Fire or Water?
Or are you holding space by being pure presence. The void. like the gap between 2 exponential curves, an open window for infinite potential to come through.
To give yourself and others more space to calm down. And more space for a higher level of intelligence to land.

These are all ways you can help others, or hinder them if you over-play your part.

What to do about fear?

Some of us may feel frozen by fear.
If you feel frozen right now, honor and thank your ancestors. At some point way back, this is how they survived. You are here now because this strategy worked for them then. But it may not work for you now. It may be time to shake out all that fear and reclaim a rich inheritance of energy from your lineage.

If you feel you are being shaken more than other people, again thank your ancestors. It could be that your predecessors put stronger survival structures in place that were really successful and perhaps useful for eons. Some of us need a bit more shaking now to free ourselves from old habits or to dissolve old structures that are now no longer useful.

What’s really going on and who is to blame?
There is no time for blame. (2)

In our hearts we’ve prayed for this
For our precious Earth to keep its forests
For the oceans and poles to stay cool
For us humans to wake up
For us all to open our hearts
To find the courage to put shame aside
and dissolve old grievances…
To connect with each other, collaborating beyond space and time….

Moving from Freeze to Fight or Flight or Flow.
Which way are you going to go?

Join us for two free calls with Markus Hirzig

Topic: Digesting Fear with Markus Hirzig

Many of us don’t feel fear, instead we project it onto others as danger, or blame. Or we numb ourselves with alcohol or news or dissociate in order to feel safe due to past experiences. The problem is, fear shuts our minds down so we can’t do anything new or think in new ways to bring more intelligence and innovation into our community or the world in general.
What can we do to become more conscious of what we are feeling, or not feeling, and how can we digest these un-integrated feelings so as not to project our past onto the future?
Markus is a senior mentor who has been helping people digest and integrate fear for many years.

Wednesday 8 April
Access the replay here

Some tools and resources

1. Know yourself

a. Your inner GPS
Gratitude (for what is)
Pattern Recognition (of what is) (understand your polyvagal ancestral program or your fingerprints pattern)
Surrender (to the feeling)

(Be here now without thought. Feel whatever is arising and allow it to pass through you. You are the sky not the cloud passing through.)

b. Know your current role
Are you being Earth, Air, Fire, Water or the Void (Spaciousness/pure potential)?

Are you being the wave (feeling overwhelmed) or the same Water with more space and less thought (wind) ?
Are you being the solid rock or mountain (old habits or structures now feeling threatened)?
Are you being the wind (stirring up the storm with frenzied thought)?
Are you being the fire (transforming and re-creating)?
Are you being the Buddha (feeling awake and response-able)

What is your response-ability?
Are you able to respond: To reach out to help. To reach out for support. To take positive action. To be a global witness? To hold space? To bring a higher future into the present moment?

2. Build resilience. This video by Thomas Huebl is helpful:
Honoring Our Fear, Finding Our Resilience In Times of Crisis and Pandemic
watch here
Some key points:
“….We have been thrown into a river. If it feels too overwhelming we reach out to support each other while we are swimming. We don’t have time to look back and point fingers. We are all swimming in this river together and need to be fully present and support each other to survive.” He also said our spiritual practice is our resilience. It helps us swim. we have far more intelligence as a collective. Regarding under equipped medical teams, he said we need to provide relational support to the care givers while we are locked down. We need to be present for each other without trying to give advice. Just being there and feeling each other’s presence we co-regulate each other. Advice often separates us. Heartfelt connectivity creates relaxation. What can we do about fear? “Ground yourself in the body through breath. I slow down my exhaling and follow my breath into my body. Presence allows me to digest my overwhelm….Yes there is collective fear but it shows me my own fears which are often related to past trauma. The collective trauma field is speaking all the time and it has clouded our thinking. The work for many in lockdown is to both individually and collectively presence and help integrate undigested collective trauma from the past. Co-regulation and group presencing enables tremendous healing for all of us. For example, as laid out in Otto Scharmer’s book TheoryU Also, the medical teams need to take time each day to attune to each other as a group. When you have more coherence in the group you are more intelligent and effective as a team.”
The replay of this call is on the website

Or check out the flow research collective on building resilience.
Created by a bunch of futurists and neuroscientists yet still teaching gratitude, breath work, and how to achieve flow states.

3.Set a clear intention. A couple of years ago I watched a panel discussion hosted by Sam Harris, on when AI might take over. Elon Musk really impressed me because, unlike everyone else, instead of giving a date or a length of time, he said: “Well, what would you like to happen?” Now that’s what I call clear thinking. Start with the end in mind. Then work backwards from there.
Here’s an excellent book on solving climate change that takes this approach. And is totally. do-able. A must read while in lockdown.
The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac.
Thoughts, feelings and body sensations In Sync: Another must read is Winslow Eliot’s fine book Be Still on bringing the elements within you into sync. She’s completely in sync with Huebl’s 3 sync/4 sync approach.
4. Improve your mindset. Here’s an excellent post by futurist Peter Diamadis: Why I am hopeful, even optimistic As Peter points out, for the first time in millions of years of human history, people are working together against a common enemy. Scientists are sharing data and findings with each other before going to publication. Peter is coauthor of The future is faster than you think. Another must read during lockdown.
Perhaps the next big Xprize in planetary abundance could be how to connect humanity globally while enhancing our health and intelligence at the same time. (See next post on this.)
5. Also scroll down for other posts such as Safeguarding your family against covid, global social witnessing or the case for masks.
6. Lastly, an exercise from me from 2015 on turning up the dimmer switch in your heart.

There are no mistakes

Life happens for you not to you

“I said: what about my eyes?

He said: Keep them on the road.

I said: What about my passion?

He said: Keep it burning.

I said: What about my heart?

He said: Tell me what you hold inside it?

I said: Pain and sorrow.

He said: Stay with it.
The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

― Rumi

How to digest fear and stress during the pandemic – with Markus Hirzig

subtle body competence, dealing with fear, #fear

Markus Hirzig helping others understand, feel, digest and transmute fear

Markus Hirzig on digesting fear and stress during today’s times

Many of us don’t feel fear, instead we project it onto others as danger, or blame. Or we numb ourselves or dissociate in order to feel safe due to past experiences. The problem is, fear shuts our minds down so we can’t do anything new or think in new ways to bring more intelligence and innovation into our community or the world in general.
What can we do to become more conscious of what we are feeling, or not feeling, and how can we digest these un-integrated feelings so as not to project our past onto the future?
Markus is a senior mentor who has been helping people digest and integrate fear for many years.

Replay of our first call

We can focus on competence and resilience or or problems say Markus

Here’s a 12 minute clip from end of the hour long call

Listen to the replays of all calls with Markus in the Earthuni podcast
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Second call -Thursday 16 April 2020

Listen to call 2 on digesting fear with Markus Hirzig in the Earthuni podcast

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Second call Thursday 16 April 2020, 9am Berlin/CEST

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