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Coming soon in Earthuni – forthcoming calls with Richard Unger

Coming soon in Earthuni – forthcoming calls with Richard Unger

Richard Unger professional Hand Analysis ClassesOur annual call series with Richard Unger is well under way.

Here is the weekly program for the entire year of what to expect.
Essentially, there are a number of different levels:
soul topics (one call per month) fingerprint themes: the practice of soul tracking and an in depth exploration common life themes.
palm topics (one call per month): line formations and personality. Ian inexpensive way to learn directly from the maestro.)
advanced threading (one call per month, except holidays)
client communication skills (one call per month, except holidays): Learn how to talk to your own clients by watching Richard talk to people about the core themes in their hands.

The client communication classes are a brand new series, that started this year. You may submit your own hands for this series. All the classes are video format and students can join the conversation and ask questions during the live call. This is a wonderful opportunity to interface with Richard and others on the calls.
Feedback on this new series:
“An instructor can talk all day about technique and philosophy, but for me, Richard the teacher never shone so fully or penetrated so deeply. It’s like the difference between reading about music and just being swept up by great music.” – Kathlyn Phil

Who are these classes for?
Both soul and palms topics are for everyone.
Advanced Threading and client communication skills classes are only for hand analysts who already have some professional training.

Join us annually or monthly – more information here.

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