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Jena Griffiths CV

Jennifer (Jena) Griffiths CV

1957 Born 7 January in South Africa. Scottish mother, Welsh/Cornish father.
1999 birth on son in Thailand
Married 2003, divorced 2010.

University Degrees/certification
1977 B.A. in Social Anthropology (University of Cape Town)
1978 B.Sc. Psychology, Geography (University of Cape Town)
1979 B.Sc. Honours Post Grad degree in Geography (University of Cape Town)
2005 PCE Post Grad teacher’s certificate through UNISA (University of South Africa)

Other certification
1981 Pilots licence
1998 NAUI Scuba Instructor certification
1998 Ocean Yacht Master

Sport awards
1988 SA Triathlon champion
1989 SA Cycling champion
1991 South African 1 hr track record

Initiated women’s Cycling Association and first pro women’s cycling team in SA
Sailed around the world, across Indian ocean with child.

Work/play/experience record
1980 Field worker in an African village for EDA (Environmental Development Agency)
1981 Selling Solar systems and language courses
1981 Teaching in Lavender hilll high school, coloured region of Cape Flats, South Africa
1982 Sailing across Atlantic and traveling in USA ( Alaska and West Coast)
1983-1988 Assistant manager Adserv, Rupert International.
1989-95 copywriter in various advertising agencies + some writing awards
1996 – 2001 sailing; writing sailing stories;
1998- 2000 yacht chartering , teaching Scuba diving
2001 sailing across Indian ocean with partner and 2 year old son
2002 Runner up in Genmar Boat writer of year award for Cruising World story “Without a Trace” about American couple (Rick and Paula Porter of sv Leviathan) who were lost at sea north of Madagascar June 2001.
2003-4 Teaching English in Switzerland

Hand Analysis career
2005 – 2020 professional hand analyst
2009 – 2019 10 years as faculty teacher for IIHA (International Institute of Hand Analysis)
(teaching UK, Australia, South Africa and Switzerland (English only)
2010-2016 6 years of weekly interviews in Earth School with Richard Unger for creation of library of classes for students worldwide.
2016-2019 developed and facilitated week long Life Purpose workshop in Findhorn Scotland
2019 created new 24 week hand analysis foundation course in Earthuni

Training and certification
2004 Hand analysis intensive course – with Pascal Stoessel
2005 CHA yearlong certification in Hand Analysis – with Richard Unger
2006 AHA Advanced yearlong certification in Hand Analysis – with Richard Unger
2015 MHA Master hand analyst – year long certification – with Richard Unger

2007 started blogging about hands
2010 Founded Earth School and started interview series
2016 Founded Earthuni

Current interests related to hands:
would like to collaborate on scientific research related to inherited trauma
Building a data base of hands for future research projects
Taking my Life Purpose course online

Other Interests:
2015 – 2020 student of Thomas Huebl
2017 – 2020 Hosting small groups online with Markus Hirzig
2020 Writing up stories/life lessons from various chapters of my life

Exploration of other healing modalities compatible with hand analysis such as:
2017/8 +50 hrs training in Sound healing with John Beaulieu,
2017 5 day advanced follow on workshop Joe Dispenza, Soma therapy Peter Levine
2017 family constellations and genealogy studies
2019 level 1-3 transformational Breath with Judith Kravitz

Other hobbies and interests: philosophy, art, clay and creative writing
Sport: hiking and cycling