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The love experiment

The love experiment

Please try this simple experiment in your own kitchen, with your family or alone. I’m keen to know if you get the same results.
love versus hate

 My son and I tried this experiment over a decade ago while he was in primary school. We have just tried it again, 13 years later with the same results.  Each time we’ve done this, the love you jar gets a clear liquid at the bottom after a few weeks. The control jar goes all moldy. Astonishes me every time!

How to do this experiment yourself?
 Boil two identical glass jars to sterilize both, then put some identical cooked oats porridge or rice into each jar and label them, and put both into the fridge. Then every day, or every other day, take out the one and say to it, “I love you. Thank you.”  Just ignore and leave the other in the fridge or, or if you have the stomach for it, take the second jar out of the fridge occasionally and say to it: “I hate you. You are awful!”   (This time round, we mostly ignored the second jar and gave positive attention every few days to the other.) Compare the differences as the weeks pass.
As you can see from the images above and below, taken more than a month after first starting the experiment, we saw a huge difference in the 2 jars! ( The jar that got positive attention did not go moldy and over time developed a clear liquid at the bottom of the jar. The other jar did go moldy and the liquid was orange. Both times we tried this experiment we used cooked oats porridge and got the same results. This time we mostly just ignoring the 2nd jar instead of saying negative things to it.) I would like to hear back from anyone else who tries this experiment.

Attention as a creative act
The consequences if this experiment are profound. We have way more creative impact on ourselves and others than we realize. Puts another whole spin on judgement of self or others…

All these images were taken about a month after the identical oats porridge was placed into two sterilized jars
I love you jar 2
a closer look at the back of the “I love you” jar after one month.
I love you jar backside
A closer look at the “I hate you” jar contents after one month.I hate you jar
Back of both jars for closer comparison.

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