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Kay Packard – Founder AAHA

Kay Packard – Founder AAHA

Jena’s Earth School hosting Richard Unger is extremely educational, reinforcing and fun. Richard’s wit makes the lectures entertaining and therefore the information easy to recall.

expert handanalyst Kay packard
Kay Packard
Founder AAHA

The topic lectures are for the beginner and the advanced hand analyst. Even though I’ve heard many of his teachings before I still walk away with several jewels that I can use for myself, personally, and pass along to my students and clients.
The advanced threading calls are extremely useful. The documents prepared by Richard and Jena include clear hand prints and notes relating to all of the markings discussed. I highly recommend both the lecture series and the advanced threading calls to anyone.
I am grateful for nuggets of Richard’s 30+ years of experience to be shared in the clearest and crispest way possible.
Thanks Jena for making this series available.
Kay Packard, Founder and Director of the American Academy of Hand Analysis

Kay Packard, M.A.,
Director American Academy of Hand Analysis