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Last interview
Markus Hirzig on Burnout
18 December 2017
Replay is available. Access here….

Other recent interviews
Ingeborg Bosch 2017
Tuesday, 12 September 2017, interview with Drs Ingeborg Bosch
on Past Reality Integration.
What is PRI and how can it help you?
PRI is a shortcut to happier relationships, better parenting and a more functional life.
Past Reality Integration, PRI for short, helps you to live your life fully in the now. The clear, detailed model shows you how your past negatively impacts your present life. But, more importantly, PRI gives you the possibility to remove these blockages, with effective techniques and practical tools, that you can apply independently.
Access the replay here…

Markus Hirzig
September 29, 2017 Markus Hirzig on
the game of curiosity and safety
Markus Hirzig spoke about safety and security as the base of our development. What does belonging have to do with safety and why is this important for you to know right now. How do we dare to move on, and risk change, even if the world doesn’t agree or support us? replay page here…

Courses – Coming soon in Earthuni

Ingeborg Bosch PRI

PRI level 1 Certification Course with Ingeborg Bosch

A new online course with Ingeborg starts soon.
More information here…

Markus Hirzig, subtle body competencies, grounding, embodying light

Developing you Subtle Body Competencies with Markus Hirzig
A new series of group coaching starts with Markus Hirzig April 2018
more information here...

Top 5 Calls from the past

Dr Judith Kravitz
Byron Katie
Markus Hirzig
Richard Moss European tour
Richard Moss
Richard Unger

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Practical Tools for Grounding and Embodying Light

A New Series with Markus Hirzig What does it take to go from not knowing the next step, or feeling pressure to act now but not knowing how, to actually opening up and living your full potential, and perhaps even helping to make a difference in the world? Throughout 2017 we have all been on an intensive journey, some of us under the personal guidance of Markus Hirzig, to help clear the way for a new phase in our lives. The Earthuni coaching group with Markus is now a closed group and a new group will start next year.

Register for the 2018 group coaching with Markus Hirzig markus-hirzigYou will learn practical exercises to develop your subtle capacities and ability to embody light. The course takes place in the safety of your own home environment with one of the best and gentlest guides of our times, with us on this journey, fully present to our unfolding. The course comprises six 90 minute sessions with Markus, spread so that you have enough time to integrate the work, do the exercises and ask questions in between. During each of the six live sessions you will learn new tools and practices. Ask questions live and have the rare opportunity to work directly with Markus with the support of a small supportive group. There is also an option to join a weekly triad with other participants to integrate the work further.

- let go of whatever is getting in your way
- build a bigger base to embody higher consciousness
- learn practical grounding tools that you can use at any phase of development
- develop and/or fine tune your subtle body competencies
- bring more joy and manifesting capability into your life
- learn and practice in a safe environment with a sincere and experienced guide

Who is Markus?
Markus Hirzig Markus Hirzig has been mentoring people for more than 30 years. He began as as a physiotherapist and for the last 20 years has been an osteopath, as well as a trainer and coach. He has been working closely with spiritual teacher Thomas Huebl for more than 10 years and is a senior mentor in Huebl's community

Is this course for you? This course isn't for everyone. Join us if you: - feel like it or your intuition tells you its the next step - friends have been saying you are too in your head or not in your body - have been meditating a lot and seem to have reached a plateau - your friends tell you that they think you are ungrounded - you feel fearless - you can't meditate without being flooded with thoughts - would like to fine tune your subtle body competences - would like to be more embodied - would like to build a bigger base to ground more light - would like to bring more joy and also manifesting capabilities into your life - would like to be more present for others - would like to shift from thinking to feeling to being vital - you have done a lot of work on yourself but still seem to be holding yourself back - would like to learn in a safe environment with a gentle, highly respected guide Essentially we all need to make this work a priority. The tragedy is we think it applies to others not us. This course offers a path back to your true self that is safe, tested and enlivening. It's an opportunity to take your place at the leading edge of personal and collective awakening. Use the power of a supportive group to go further and faster than you can on your own.
Next Course with Markus starts April 2018
April 4
April 18
May 9
May 30
June 20
July 11
Always a Wednesday at 7 am CET/Berlin. 6am UK, 3pm Sydney, Tuesday 10pm USA Pacific. Elsewhere Course Fee is 330 €
Early Birds Bonus People who register early will get 6 of the exercises from the 2017 course and we'll start a Q&A inside the member's zone below these bonus exercises where you can post questions about them for Markus to answer so that others can also access the answers.

How to join

register here via paypal or Further queries, or if you wish to pay in a different way please email us support(at)

PRI Level 1 Online Certification Course

Past Reality Integration - a laser approach to emotional healinglogo PRI Help your circle of friends, family and clients join fast track towards
  • happier relationships
  • better parenting
  • a more functional life

Who is this course for?

PRI level 1 is for you if you want to effectively apply the basic PRI concepts in your own life, to help yourself, family or close friends. It is also ideal for counselors, consultants or therapists or anyone already working with clients or patients to effectively get on top of the following problems:
  • Depression
  • Fear and panic disorders
  • Relationship problems
  • Educational issues
  • Awareness of your own childhood baggage in relation to your children
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Addictions (games, alcohol, smoking, drugs, sex, etc)
  • Fear of failure
  • Social phobias
  • Problems around sexuality
  • Jealousy
  • Friendship problems
  • Situations of loss
  • Feelings of (great) solitude
  • Over eating or problems with weight
  • Aggression, tempers

Attend PRI Level 1 training online

If you can’t join us in person in South of France for PRI Level 1 training with Ingeborg Bosch, we have great news because now you can still learn directly from Ingeborg, from the comfort of your own home.

We have redesigned PRI level 1 training to include you, wherever you are in the world, and no matter what time zone too.

You will have the same teaching material and the same learning activities without having to travel.

Ingeborg Bosch teaches you how to use PRI in your own life and also how help friends, members of your family and people around you get to and heal the real source of pain behind whatever is bothering them right now.

Once a week, over a three month period, you’ll have a new class with Ingeborg. You also able to watch her work with on specific case studies. Each module covers a good mix of theory, cases studies, practical skills and valuable tips from Ingeborg’s 20 years experience of helping people transform their lives during the magic of PRI.

You’ll be able to connect with fellow online students and you’ll have the option of pairing up with other students as study buddies so the you can practice your new skills on each other and get constructive feedback from an observer.

What does the course cover?

There are 13 modules . You will get a new module every week for 13 weeks. This means you have the whole week to watch the module and do your homework before the next module. Listen to Ingeborg explaining what we will cover each week.


Your online student portal in Earthuni

The online student training portal contains all your training modules, case studies and bonuses so you can go back and review the material whenever you wish in your permanent portal. It is quick and easy to access and you can watch the material on all your devices.

Join the PRI Community

When you register for the course you are joining a worldwide group of PRI students and practitioners. We will put you in touch with a community of other PRI students so you can practice your skills together, and ask questions to more experienced practitioners. Any question you ask is welcome whether it is personal or coaching related because we learn as a group and a community.

We look forward to having you with us in our community

How to register?

Put your name on the waiting list here .... for future courses. Next course starts 24 April 2018


More about Drs Ingeborg Bosch Ingeborg Bosch 2017 Ingeborg is the author of 5 books: Past Reality Integration – 3 steps to mastering the Art of Conscious Living, Rediscovering the True Self, Illusions, and Innocent Prisoners – a book about conscious parenting (this particular book is not yet available in English but will be soon. The other 4 have been translated into both English and French, from the original Dutch.) Ingeborg offers courses in PRI, and trains therapists in Netherlands, the South of France and elsewhere.

Additional Group Training Online

Besides pairing up with fellow students to practice PRI there is also an opportunity to practice in a safe environment while getting advice and assistance from an experienced PRI instructor. This is an excellent opportunity to deepen your experience in small group interactive training where we welcome and include everyone’s input. (Some people prefer not to share in groups so this training is optional.) This full day event will cost 250€ . Dates and arrangements for this further training will be made after the course starts once we know which time zones to accommodate.

Getting Certified

When you complete the training in this course, you will have an option to take the PRI Level 1 certification examination. Certification is optional. Your certification exam will take place over Skype 1-on-1 with an experienced PRI instructor. The fee is 100 €, payable only when you take the exam.

Your name listed on our website – PRI level 1 License Once you achieve certification, you have the option to be listed on the PRI website by obtaining the PRI Level 1 license. You will need to renew your license annually so that clients who visit our site have the certainty that all practitioners listed are current, and able to serve them.

What people are saying about PRI and Ingeborg's work

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful technique and body of knowledge. I consider this to be a precious gift to the world and one that deserves to be known about by as many people as possible"

"Ingeborg, you have changed my life and saved my marriage. I can't thank you enough."

"It is worth it. And although I am not there yet, my life has changed. It has gained in quality. I am not afraid to talk to anybody. People at work experience a new Hans. I am not afraid to do things I was afraid of before. I even rode a roller coaster last summer…"

"A few years ago I would never have expected to be able to pull it off: to live. Ingeborg once said to me: ‘if you can truly perceive the present from the Adult Consciousness, it is often surprisingly unburdened.’ It is only now, that I can really subscribe to this truth. And based on my experience, I wish everybody this truth!"

"When I look back at the whole process, I can wholeheartedly say that it is the best thing that has happened to me in years. I needed it badly. I am so happy with the calm and peace in myself. Sometimes I am surprised that it can feel so good! It is a gift for life."

"My experience is that life carries and supports me when I allow myself and my unconsciousness to go and dismantle my defense mechanisms bit by bit. This realization gives me the faith to keep going and to have the inner certainty that I am going in the right direction."

"What the PRI process brings me, is that situations, no matter how unpleasant they may be, no longer feel life-threatening, after I have allowed the old pain they bring up. That makes a big difference."

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