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“Big whirls have little whirls that feed on their velocity, and little whirls have lesser whirls and so on to viscosity.”
Lewis Fry Richardson
Whorl vs whirl?
whirl: to spin (a verb)
whorl: shaped like a spiral (a noun)

“Who you are is a movement” Thomas Huebl

What is this alongside? Looks like a stuck wheel to me. Isn’t that what Buddha called suffering? A stuck wheel or attachment to identity.
This site is a work in progress. It took a year to make up its mind what it was becoming…
This is where I finally write whatever I feel like writing in the moment, based on a rudimentary understanding across various disciplines blended with personal anecdotes. It’s an attempt to play rather than suffer on this planet…
A lot of the ideas and thinking expressed here are inspired by the work of Thomas Huebl and other contemporary teachers. A kind of free association to new ideas coming in.
It’s a place where I share my personal journey with you, also my mentors, people who have helped me grow, or are right busy now, in the trenches, helping me get over small or huge hurdles or smash invisible walls….

I sincerely hope that by sharing my personal journey here, I’ll help you too, or if not you, a friend or client a relative of yours, simply because you read about some of my crazy adventures. It’s usually not the person on top of the hill that helps us, but the one who has just tripped one step ahead who reminds us of what to step over…
Happy reading!
Jena Griffiths

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More about the difference between Earthuni and Earth School?
Earthuni is about seeing everyone else as a mirror that helps us course correct
Earth School is similar but more ungrounded, where I tried to help the whole world, instead of seeing the mirror…. the focus is on problem solving.
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