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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into this site?
There are two separate websites with a bridge in between.
Earth School (2010-2015) and Earthuni (2016 onward)
If you are already a member of Earth School, you can log into Earth School as normal. (all calls before 2016).
For Earthuni you need to register as a new person. If you find that your username is already used – try resetting the password and it should send you a new link (twice) to reset your password.

If you are registering here for the first time, we recommend that you use the same username and password (in Earthuni and in Earth School) so as not to get mixed up in future.

How do I increase the print size of the web pages I am viewing?
The easy answer is that you can increase the font size that you view through your browser.
PC Users – By holding down the Ctrl Key and pressing the + (plus) key a few times until the font size is comfortable for you. You can make the font smaller by pressing Ctrl – (minus) simultaneously and lastly you can reset the browser font size to ‘normal’ by pressing Ctrl 0 (zero) and it will reset.
Mac Users – by holding down the Cmd Key and pressing the + (plus) key a few times until the font size is comfortable for you. You can make the font smaller by pressing Cmd – (minus) simultaneously and lastly you can reset the browser font size to ‘normal’ by pressing Cmd 0 (zero) and it will reset.

The audio tracks are not working - what do I do?
Firstly, check your browser – you should be running any one of the following with the relevant versions as a minimum requirement:
If you don’t have the minimum version as stated in the graphic above, then upgrade your browser – besides the audio then being supported, your data security on the Internet will be so much better.
If you do have one of the correct browsers and versions, then drop us an email telling us which specific audio is not working for you (it might be one we haven’t converted yet and then we can convert it asap for you).
How do I increase the Video size to full screen?
To make video full screen click on the arrows on the bottom right of video. Press esc to get out of full screen so you can see the rest of the content.
Where’s my stuff?
Once logged in, you should be able to see all your recent calls inside your reference library plus the 2016 calendar below it.
Links to class replays no longer on the current page will be posted inside the calendar alongside the appropriate event .

“Home” is a news feed. What you see in the feed depends on whether you are logged in or not.
You will also see all your classes in this feed, but only when you are logged in.
You can find older classes in your news feed by typing what you are looking for in the “search” or simply go to your reference library
scroll down to the calendar and click on the link to the appropriate class.

Where are the classes I have paid for?
Firstly check that you are logged in. You should NOT see the yellow line at the top that tells you to login AND you should see a menu option that allows you to logout – then you know you are logged in. Now click on the menu item called Your Reference Library – you will be taken to a page that shows you all the classes in the reference library. When you click to your relevant membership level there should be a list of class replays and a full list of the classes for the year. If you still can’t find the class you should have access to it is best to drop us an email.

How does the purchase process work?
When you see a membership level you wish to subscribe to or a product that is for sale you simple click on the Buy Now, or Subscribe or Register button. It should take you to a payment gateway where you can pay for the access. Once payment has been confirmed you will be returned to this site so that you can create a username and password for your access. If you are already a member you also have the option of entering your existing login information into the system to have this purchase added to that username.

Where are my classes from last year?
Your classes from 2016 are here on this site. login to see them in your reference library. 2010- 2016 are all still available in Earth School – you can access them by clicking here. You will of course need to use your username and password that you have for that site (as you did in the past) to access your classes. There is also a menu item above called 2010 – 2015 Earth School (see top of this page) that will take you to last year’s classes.
I can't seem to login
Are you using the right login and password details? This is Earthuni – a different campus to Earth School (all calls and classes created prior to 2016 are in Earth School). Perhaps you are attempting to login to Earthuni with your Earth School membership. Or vice versa. If you really can’t remember, you can reset your password by clicking on the Lost your Password link under the login form. You will then be sent an email to reset your password. Please check your SPAM box if you haven’t received the email in about 5 minutes (at the most). If you are still having problems please contact us.

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