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How to safeguard yourself against getting Coronavirus

safeguarding yourself and your family The Chinese medical fraternity did admiral work curing coronavirus and also by swiftly sharing their experience and findings with the rest of the world.

Here’s some advice collected from their experience and from other sources:

The virus obstructs respiratory tracts with thick mucus that blocks airways. One has to open and unblock airways to give any medicine.

To safeguard yourself against getting the virus
I’ve divided these tips into body hygiene, emotional feeling states, mind and spirit.
This post focuses mainly on body hygiene. Scroll down or look in future posts for more on resilience (mind and spirit).

Body care

1.The virus attaches itself to hair and clothes. Any detergent or soap kills it but you must take a bath or shower when you get in from the street. Avoid sitting down anywhere and go straight to the bathroom or shower. (Source: confirmation see video 3 below)
2.Sunlight also neutralizes the virus. If you cannot wash your clothes daily hang them in direct sunlight. (See notes below 1)
3. Wash metallic surfaces carefully as the virus can remain active on these surfaces for up to 9 days. Take note and be vigilant about touching hand rails or door knobs. Also make sure those are kipped down regularly in your own house. (Source confirmation see video 3 below)
4. Don’t smoke.
5. Wash your hands with soap every 20 minutes. (A great idea from Thrive Global: think of 3 things to be grateful for each time you wash your hands) (source link)

6. To boost your immune system:
– get enough sleep (approx 8 hours)
– do breath work to manage stress (relax on the out breath and make it slightly longer than the in breath) You do this naturally when singing or chanting. (2)
– eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Drink vegetable juice, for example beetroot juice.
– elevate your zinc levels not just your vitamin C levels. (3)
– try to avoid getting the common flu and try to avoid eating or drinking cold things.
– spend time outside, if possible in nature
– exercise, at least 30 minutes per day
– sing, chant, play music that makes you happy. (5)
– other ways to boost your immune system (See notes 4 and 5)
7. This is spread person to person. Animals, such as pets, do not spread it.
10. The virus remains 3 to 5 days in the throat before it passes to the lungs. (?? not sure)
11. loss of smell is an early symptom of coronavirus. (Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung )
12. Keep at least 2m from other people in queues and 5 metres away if people cough. (Source: see video 3 below)

Disputed or controversial advice in the West but still worth doing:
1. drink lots of hot or warm liquids, coffee, tea, soup. In addition, take a sip of warm water every 20 minutes because this keeps your mouth moist and washes any of the virus into your mouth where the gastric juices can neutralize it before it gets to the lungs. (this advice is not medically proven to eradicate the virus but it could help partially, certainly worth doing simply to stay hydrated. We become stupid very fast when we are not hydrated. Also warm drinks instead of cold are recommended to conserve your internal energy power house/core power or chi.)
Here’s master qigong teacher Mantak Chia on why warm is better than cold in preserving your life force:

2. gargle with an antiseptic and warm water like vinegar or salt or lemon every day. (not confirmed to eliminate the virus but a sound oral hygiene practice. When I had a tooth extracted my dentist recommended gargling with a commercial oral disinfectant or a salt solution to prevent infection. Disputable weather this will impact a virus. Also bear in mind that some people maybe dispute salt because they want to sell something more expensive. Likewise with Vitamin C as a solution for flu.) (3)

See also how sound impacts nitric oxide in your body and why this is important ( for more see notes 5)

Other holistic suggestions from Dr Norm Shealy, a long standing medical practitioner from Missouri, USA.

Find a medical practitioner in advance who will be willing to give you high doses of vitamin C by IV drip should you become infected. This is particularly important if there are not enough respirators.

Here is an interview with Dr Norm Shealy who has decades of experience using this strategy on himself and others.
He mentioned Orac (oxygen radical absorbance capacity, meaning antioxidants, substances that can quench free radicals or unstable molecules that can cause cellular damage). Orac can be found naturally in most brightly colored (Green, orange, red) vegetables and cruciferous varieties (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and turnips) more on Orac
More on high doses of vitamin C as a cure. (See note 3 below.)

How to self isolate in a home when one person has the virus and also when to send them to hospital

Excellent advice from South Africa, also regarding safe distances and how long the virus floats in the air before landing.

What to do about all the fear and panic?

Some advice from Thomas Huebl
Honoring Our Fear, Finding Our Resilience In Times of Crisis and Pandemic:
– Reach out to others (for support or to support)
– Presence how you feel internally without judging yourself. Are you reacting or responding? What’s your Response-ability (your ability to respond and relate intelligently to others.
– Be present without giving advice (to allow each other’s nervous systems to co-regulate)
– Attune with others to make your group more present and therefore raise the intelligence of everyone in the group.

Further summary notes from the call:
We have been thrown into a river. If it feels too overwhelming we reach out to support each other while we are swimming. We don’t have time to look back and point fingers. We are all swimming in this river together and need to be fully present and support each other to survive.” He also said our spiritual practice is our resilience. It helps us swim. we have far more intelligence as a collective. Regarding under equipped medical teams, he said we need to provide relational support to the care givers while we are locked down. We need to be present for each other without trying to give advice. Just being there and feeling each other’s presence we co-regulate each other. Advice often separates us. Heartfelt connectivity creates relaxation. What can we do about fear? “Ground yourself in the body through breath. I slow down my exhaling and follow my breath into my body. Presence allows me to digest my overwhelm….Yes there is collective fear but it shows me my own fears which are often related to past trauma. The collective trauma field is speaking all the time and it has clouded our thinking. The work for many in lockdown is to both individually and collectively presence and help integrate undigested collective trauma from the past. Co-regulation and group presencing enables tremendous healing for all of us. For example, as laid out in Otto Scharmer’s book TheoryU Also, the medical teams need to take time each day to attune to each other as a group. When you have more coherence in the group you are more intelligent and effective as a team.
You can download guided meditation from this call on the website

Elevating your mood
Gratitude, meditation, prayer, music, chanting, singing, dancing, breath work, exercise or doing anything you love elevates your mood Related post from 2015 on this topic

Also watch all the subsequent videos on fear and grounding in the open auditorium with Markus Hirzig. (6)
I’ll be writing a lot more about this in future posts as composting the past is where I have put my focus these last five years.

Further Reference Notes
1. Sunlight: 1918 Flu epidemic – article on how sunlight helped
2. Breath work: There are thousands of beneficial methods. Explore why it helps through Steven Porges – polyvagal theory re how your nervous system works.

3. More on Vitamin C – an article by Lynne mcTaggart
4. Peter Diamandis on further ways how to boost your immune system
5. to further boost your immune system, also explore how to elevate nitric oxide in your body. Beetroot juice is one confirmed way. Sound is another. Gongs, singing bowls, chanting, tuning forks. See research by John Beaulieu on sound C128 and Explore music that makes you joyful. John’s article on sound and coronavirus Also read research about tuning forks spiking nitric oxide
My interview with John Beaulieu is here with more links.
6. Markus Hirzig – What happens when we project our fear onto others?

Entire interview with Markus Hirzig on grounding and why it is important.

Solving problems through a change in perspective

“Distance lends enchantment to the view” Thomas Campbell

changes in perspective

Sometimes it seems much easier to solve other people’s problems than our own. They look so much tinier in comparison.

This reminds me of the first time my son noticed a change in perspective. We were walking along a farm road with ploughed fields on both sides and, way off in the distance, a tractor. My son, about 3 years old at the time, noticed that the tractor was growing in size as we approached it. First it was minute then eventually it was way bigger than both of us.

It’s the same thing with other people’s problems. And then the danger is, when you get close enough, they hand you their rucksack and walk off with a relieved smile, not noticing that you are now carrying two rucksacks and wearing no boots.

What to do?

Trade both rucksacks for a pair of boots. Or simply put them down gently on the side of the road with a sign saying “help yourself”. Don’t look inside them one last time in case you might need anything in there. You don’t!

The mind is an enormous rucksack. It’s our job to empty it, rather than fill it. Or as some wise person once said, “Fill your rucksack only with moonbeams.”

2020 – week 1, day 1

Day 1 – decisions decisions…
The New Year started with a beautiful sunny day in my village, nearly 900 m above sea level. Could see the Alps right across Switzerland. Not a cloud in the sky.

Hasliberg above the fog about 5 pm

Hasliberg above the fog about 5 pm

Decided to cycle down into the valley as I was meeting two friends for a walk and lunch. (My first day of walking my talk, and doing my bit against climate change, by not using my car, unless absolutely essential. Discovered that public transport to our village starts 3 hours later on public holidays!) Took it as a good opportunity to pump up my bike tyres and cycle down the hill to the train station.
Decided to travel light and not take hiking shoes as the friends I was meeting weren’t Read more

Thanking all my American Angels

When I left the advertising industry (many moons ago) my creative director at the time passed on some advice that he had once been given: “Don’t look back, otherwise you will bump into trees and create other obstacles in the road ahead that weren’t there before…” At least that’s what I think he said. I remember being amused because I didn’t think I was leaving. It was the year our president Nelson Mandela was finally released from prison and I was full of hope and joy about the future of the country and had no intention of not returning.

Actually, all I had asked for was 6 month sailing sabbatical….Funny how everyone in the Read more

The love experiment

love versus hate

 My son and I tried this experiment over a decade ago while he was in primary school. We have just tried it again, 13 years later with the same results.  Each time, “love” jar forms a clear liquid at the bottom after a few weeks. Whereas the control jar goes all moldy. Astonishes me every time!
Try this simple experiment in your own kitchen. I would love to know if you get the same results.

How to do this experiment
The best time is straight after breakfast or whenevr you have leftover porridge, cooked oats or cooked rice.
In preparation, sterilize two glass jars by boiling them in a pot of water for 5 minutes. Then put some identical cooked oats porridge or rice into each jar and label them, and place both jars in the fridge. Then every day, or every other day, take out the one and say to it, “I love you. Thank you.”  Just ignore and leave the other in the fridge or, if you have the stomach for it, take the second jar out of the fridge occasionally and say to it: “I hate you. You are awful!”   (This time round, we mostly ignored the second jar and gave positive attention every few days to the other.) Compare the differences as the weeks pass.
As you can see from the images above and below, taken more than a month after first starting the experiment, we saw a huge difference in the 2 jars! ( The jar that got positive attention did not go moldy and over time developed a clear liquid at the bottom of the jar. The other jar did go moldy and the liquid was orange. Both times we tried this experiment we used cooked oats porridge and got the same results. This time we mostly just ignoring the 2nd jar instead of saying negative things to it.) I would like to hear back from anyone else who tries this experiment.

Attention as a creative act
The consequences if this experiment are profound. We have way more creative impact on ourselves and others than we realize. Puts another whole spin on judgement of self or others…

Read more

Some considerations about fear – Q&A with Markus Hirzig

Markus Hirzig

Markus Hirzig on Some considerations about fear
15 January 2019

Markus Hirzig has been mentoring people on this and similar topics for more than 30 years. As usual with Markus you’ll be surprised by his ideas yet deep down something shifts…

Are you taking enough space?
One of the breakthrough thoughts from Markus for you to ponder is that we feel fear because we contract our energy! Can we unlearn old habits of making ourselves smaller in order to survive?

Hmmm… powerful stuff!

Says Markus: “Some forms of fear have only to do with the space we take. Others to do with experiences….and some fears tell us something new is appearing…and then there might be more intense fears, exceeding the normal societal range, like phobias, trauma, when we experience accidents or very dangerous things….All these different fears may need a different approach or care taking. For some of the fears its only to take space again.”

You’ll find the replay of the first Guided meditation below and also some Read more

My Biggest lesson from 2018 – Reclaiming one’s sense of agency

If you had a tough time this past year, could it be that you are letting go of the same beast that I’ve been wresting this past year? This is a beast that is easy to see in others. Virtually impossible to see in oneself. This is about reclaiming your power and your agency and letting go of “Poor me, this isn’t fair!”
“life happens for you, not to you.”

When you aren't fully present

Small reminder to be more present

2018 was the “year of the fire” for me. A year ago my house nearly burnt down and this whole year stretched out into one long painful wrestle with authorities who felt I had been negligent for not checking what kind of light bulbs a professional Swiss electrical team had installed in my cupboards. It was incredibly tough going, particularly with the language barrier. I felt deeply and wrongly judged, but today I feel blessed for all that happened because in the process I was able to see and let go of a shadow I may never have seen otherwise. The entire year was full of master teachers. From my perspective, it felt like I was being continuously regressed to earlier developmental stages, each event giving me another taste of the enormous cost of “poor me this isn’t fair!”

I probably would not have been able to see this, and cut myself free, had it not been for Read more

Fog dancing

IMG_3762 fog lineI live mostly above the fog line, but sometimes find myself deep in it. It’s a continual dance. Between clarity and uncertainty, conviction and self doubt.

Have you noticed? This is what happens whenever you get to the top of any ladder. We arrive back at “same old, same old”. A nagging sense of recognition. Non sense. Just a deep knowing that I’ve been here before. The recognition that the ladder leads nowhere. Yet everywhere.

Soft clouds that can’t be walked across with a heavy heart or lead boots. It takes play and delight instead of many balloons and lots of hot air to walk above the clouds.