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Information – Palm Topics

Hand Analysis – “Palm Topic” Classes

Richard Unger Scientific Hand Analysis Classes
A rare privilege to be able to interface with, ask questions and learn directly from Richard Unger, the genius behind scientific hand analysis.
Discover the reasoning behind the interpretation of each marker, what it really means, the accuracy of interpretation, suggested advice to clients and lots more.
12 calls covering various line formations and shapes:
vertical line variations: ambition lines, career lines, creativity lines and intuition
what your hands say about the condition of your chakras
plus three hand shape variations. (Personality and temperament indicators)


$564 $407 (save $160)



$47 $37 per month

2016 – Palm Topics Curriculum

broken life line We’ll be exploring a number of different line and palm formations with Richard in 2016
Vertical Lines
Jan 19 – Jupiter line variations
Feb 9 – Saturn line variations
March 22 – Apollo line variations
April 12 – Mercury line variations
Minor lines
May 10 – Via lascivia lines
June 14 – Venus Girdles
Broken lines
July 12 – Broken life lines and broken heart lines
What your hands say about your Chakras
Aug 23 – The Chakras call 1
Sept 13 – The Chakras call 2
Some hand shape variations
Oct 11 – The Samurai hand shape
Nov 8 – Joplin Tip type
Dec 13 – The Connoisseur hand shape

One line formation or shape topic per month.
Ask Richard questions live during the class, get a video and audio only replay and reference notes.