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Some considerations about fear – Q&A with Markus Hirzig

Some considerations about fear – Q&A with Markus Hirzig

Markus Hirzig

Markus Hirzig on Some considerations about fear
15 January 2019

Markus Hirzig has been mentoring people on this and similar topics for more than 30 years. As usual with Markus you’ll be surprised by his ideas yet deep down something shifts…

Are you taking enough space?
One of the breakthrough thoughts from Markus for you to ponder is that we feel fear because we contract our energy! Can we unlearn old habits of making ourselves smaller in order to survive?

Hmmm… powerful stuff!

Says Markus: “Some forms of fear have only to do with the space we take. Others to do with experiences….and some fears tell us something new is appearing…and then there might be more intense fears, exceeding the normal societal range, like phobias, trauma, when we experience accidents or very dangerous things….All these different fears may need a different approach or care taking. For some of the fears its only to take space again.”

You’ll find the replay of the first Guided meditation below and also some

summary thoughts from the end of the call.
If you would like to listen to the entire interview and Q&A register as a free member of Earthuni to access as there were some rather deep personal sharings by a few participants during the call, so I’m reluctant to make it totally accessible.

For the full replay click here once logged into the free auditorium.

Guided meditation
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