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First call in Earth Uni’s open auditorium

First call in Earth Uni’s open auditorium

“When you set an intention the whole universe changes.”

Dr Mahayana I DugastHave you noticed how different everything feels this year?
It seems we are each being called to participate on a totally different level. And the speed is fast forward.

For example, end of last year I pressed “upgrade” inside my website and suddenly parts of Earth School started shutting down. I could not use the old system anymore. The result? While the old Earth School is back and functional, we now have a totally new baby called “Earth Uni”.

It is as if the universe wanted a newer version on a higher level. And while every level of being requires a different level of presence, skill and guidance, this feels both scary and exciting.

Our first no charge call in Earth Uni is with Dr Mahayana I Dugast.
Thursday February 9 at 10.00 am CET/ 9.00 UK Brisbane 7 pm, Sydney 8.00pm Elsewhere

Mahayana is here to show us how to prepare for a new way of being. She knows how to clear long-term subconscious patterns and limitations, how to clear out old intentions and a lot more.

She has also done her time in the trenches with cancer, abuse and more.

Says Mahayana, ‘You are far more powerful than you were led to believe.’
Register for this, and all future open auditorium calls, here for no cost
click here for more information about Mahayana and to register.
Or (if you are already registered in Earth Uni in 2016 go to the call here)

Earth Uni will open officially on 16 02 2016 (Feb, 16 ’16)
We have a really big surprise for you on that day.

In the meantime please be patient with the new site. We are still on wobbly legs. You are welcome to join us tomorrow to catch a glimpse of the future.

Note: Earth Uni is a totally new campus on a totally new website so you need to register anew as a new person even if you are already registered in Earth School. (Tip: perhaps use the same user name and password for Earth Uni as you did for Earth School so that you can easily hop across from one to the other. There is a bridge between the two.)

If you are already registered in Earth Uni in 2016 please ignore this step and simply access the call in the open auditorium (current free class). The replay will be in the same place.

Looking forward to having you with us!

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