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Replay – Interview with Dr John Beaulieu

Replay – Interview with Dr John Beaulieu

John Beaulieu – on ascension versus burnout

Audio only version

Summary notes, background, and more info follows…

John Beaulieu ND PhD is a clinical psychologist and Naturopathic Doctor. He also has degrees in music and studied with many of the giants in all three fields. He pioneered the principles of sound healing and has been teaching his methods internationally for over 40 years. He is the author of a number of books, including Human Tuning: Sound Healing with Tuning Forks, Music and Sound in the Healing Arts and Bellevue Memoirs: My patients My teachers about his experiences while he was head therapist at Bellevue, a famous psychiatric hospital in New York City.

I met John when he was in Zurich this March and had the good fortune of attending some of his classes. He is a brilliant teacher and what he teaches can be applied to any field of practice. He will be back in Zurich April 2018 at Polarity Centre. You can buy his tuning forks there too or google for local suppliers in your region. Google “Otto 128 c” you can also get a series of Otto forks Otto 32, 64 and 128 C
The Otto Tuners are different octaves of the note “C” in the Pythagorean Scale. The frequencies are 32 hz, 64 hz and 128 hz, used directly used on the body to help align the body’s physical structure. (see John’s book)

More about John Beaulieu, ND PhD visit his site
Tuning forks spike nitric oxide. Why is that important?

His Vimeo videos
How this works? Here’s a 30 page abstract in The Rose+Croix Journal – Vol.11 on The Perfect Fifth- and healing
How sound increases nitric acid for good health
Research paper: Cyclic nitric oxide release by human granulocytes, and invertebrate ganglia and immunocytes: nano-technological enhancement of amperometricnitric oxide determination

some shortcuts to what was discussed in this interview

Approx. 14 minutes in hearing voices and developing a therapeuatic alliance.
24 in – Tinnitus and inside out healing

1hr in – how to use tuning forks. The 3 main tuning forks John uses are the body tuners 384 G + 256 C used together (one in each ear) to create the “perfect fifth” internally. And the Biosonics Otto 128 C which is weighted to create the same vibration (perfect fifth) when placed anywhere on the body. Eg on the hips or coccyx.
You can learn how to use these in his book Human Tuning
and via a DVD – how to use tuning forks for healing

Other references discussed and some excerpts:
R.D. Laing (one of Beaulieu’s mentors) (I love Laing’s poems from his book Knots)

34.33 Raymond Moody – high sounds and near death experiences
John’s book Bellevue Memoirs: My patients My teachers stories about John’s experiences in this clinic

34. 53 when we listen to them (high pitched sounds) and become them… when you listen correctly the sound isn’t outside you … you listen to the sound from the inside in. …we are in a multi-leveled universe (frequency/vibration) and we can travel…

47.20 …”the real mysticism is you take the daily challenge of life and learn how to have a relationship with them.. mindful respectful and honourable you learn ho to to convert one’s daily challenges from poison to nectar. You learn how to take the stuff within yourself that you don’t like and learn how to burn it within the alchemic furnace within you and convert it to light. Then you will have true mysticism. The idea of seeking out mystical states is fine, people take drugs seeking these states for example…in general, in order not to do what that need to do. Whereas for me, ascension, the real mysticism, is how I relate to people in my life, how I deal with problems, how I learn to have a new productive relationship with everything around me. Then mysticism is everywhere. When I do that distress becomes conciliatory euphoric stress. Through resolving these issues in your life you will be more mindful and You will have euphoria and a completely different physiology in your body that will allow you to have more energy and allow you to serve better.”

52 on dealing stressful sounds in today’s world – “2 ways of listening…one can take you to altered states of consciousness …learn how to be with that sound and have a different relationship with it..many things can happen when you mindfully listen…”

balancing the elements
1.12 kundalini and sound and service to others.

Beyond this call
If you hear insect-like sounds above your head, compare them against this sound track Spirit Whistles which includes a pdf on how to work with other worldly sounds.

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