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How to interpret dreams that make you feel bad or sad or angry or stressed..

How to interpret dreams that make you feel bad or sad or angry or stressed..

Here’s some really valuable advice about dream interpretation from Richard Moss
view this 5 minute video on his website

Richard says, whenever you have a dream simply ask yourself:
“If I hadn’t had this dream what would I not be conscious of? ..
Consciousness isn’t just thinking. Also ask, ‘If i hadn’t had this dream, what sensations would I not be aware of?
If I hadn’t had this dream, what way of being in myself would I not be conscious of?’… the dream makes the sensation tangible and clear so you can remember the same sensation in your waking life… then, when you feel the sensations that the dream generates, the sensation of stress or tension, anxiety, panic, when you feel that same feeling in your waking life, you realize, oh that’s dream showed me … can I stop doing this right now?… ”

I find it fascinating that dreams help you become conscious of the exact same scenarios or issues as your fingerprints do! This is invaluable input if you are trying to become conscious of what causes you to contract, and your knee-jerk response to this situation. We can use dreams to remind ourselves of our biggest blind spot, our own internal programming, and, more importantly, that we can choose to respond differently, with self compassion, instead of knee-jerk triggering. Which is exactly the same reason for knowing one’s fingerprints.

Here’s an example: the other day a friend shared a dream in which she had shot a man and felt really really bad as a result. Interestingly, her life lesson, according to her fingerprints, is all about power and powerlessness. She beats herself up when over-plays or under-plays her power; she needs to find a midway alternative to shooting too quickly or not at all.

Next time you have a dream with a strong emotional charge, think about how it relates back to raising your awareness in now time, of your life themes. And if you are interested in learning what these are they are actually visible in your fingerprints. Find out more about life themes in your fingerprints here..

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