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Interview with Ingeborg Bosch – a laser approach to healing the past

Interview with Ingeborg Bosch – a laser approach to healing the past

Ingeborg Bosch PRI
This Tuesday, 12 September 2017, I’ll be interviewing
Ingeborg Bosch on Past Reality Integration.
What is PRI and how can it help you?
PRI is a shortcut to happier relationships, better parenting and a more functional life.

Past Reality Integration, PRI for short, helps you to live your life fully in the now. The clear, detailed model shows you how your past negatively impacts your present life. But, more importantly, PRI gives you the possibility to remove these blockages, with effective techniques and practical tools, that you can apply independently.

I met Ingeborg while in Findhorn last month, she was on holiday in Scotland and joined my life purpose workshop to inspire her 20 year old daughter. During the workshop I asked Ingeborg to demonstrate her work and was incredibly impressed with what I saw and experienced. She really has developed a great way to get out of your own way, and out of the past. What I really love about it is the DIY part. Many of us can start releasing the past by applying PRI principles immediately. And if not, there are many certified practitioners on her website.

Ingeborg is the author of 5 books: Past Reality Integration – 3 steps to mastering the Art of Conscious Living, Rediscovering the True Self, Illusions, and Innocent Prisoners – a book about conscious parenting (this particular book is not yet available in English but will be soon. The other 4 have been translated into both English and French, from the original Dutch.)
Ingeborg offers courses in PRI, and trains therapists in Netherlands, the South of France and online in 2018.
For more about her forthcoming PRI Level 1 Practitioner certification course see here.

The interview replay is here.
Ingeborg will be back with us early next year to discuss how PRI can help solve numerous conditions such as addiction, burnout, anger, jealousy, over-eating and much more.

Feedback on Inge’s books:
“I immediately bought 2 of your books and started practicing PRI. Even only after working by myself for a short time, I have managed to access some old pain and already feel all the lighter for it. And I am very much intending to continue deepening this process.

I would therefore like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful technique and body of knowledge. I consider this to be a precious gift to the world and one that deserves to be known about by as many people as possible.”

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