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On becoming a Mature Citizen of the World

On becoming a Mature Citizen of the World

Mystical teacher Thomas Hübl offers commentary on recent world events:

Some key points:

“What we really need in this time is people who see, people who presence and people who participate in the current process. We call this global social witnessing….This means I’m precisely watching my feeling awareness of being a responsible citizen of this world. So when I see the current processes and I feel whatever I feel, or I am aware of the fact that I stopped feeling, then I am very precise with my inner space, because the collective shadows, and a lot of what we see at the moment in the world is collective unconscious dynamics that are being surfaced strongly in order to come into the light… and whatever it looks like it’s more important how much I can stay in a state of responding. Responsibility = my ability to respond to the current life circumstances and/or I see that I shut down my interior and I cannot stay connected. Or I don’t want to stay connected. Or I see how I start resisting the processes in the world. And I think that a lot is at stake at the moment in the world…crucial times for the global community….

“Complexity is simplicity in the right cup…. when we work on the base and on the grounding we open the cup..create a bigger container for the system to grow.. because we are going to a new age in our society a lot of new information comes in ..this information comes in as energy, as light, through the speeding up of technology..this creates a lot of pressure..the base needs to grow and if the base needs to grow the tendency to become regressive is very high…
we are facing two levels of stress: a strong integration stress and we are facing a strong evolutionary stress because there is an upgrading of information that creates a lot of pressure onto many many people..
If people are conscious of this process they can channel this energy into their base and into the world and increase the game board of the world. If not, we become regressive and we go back in space and time into functions that are prior to our current development.
People who can hold an inner space, who can stay grounded, who can stay in their natural discernment or naturally have a multi- perspective inner capacity, who can stay related to the external, that can practice presence, stay connected to innovation to have a future. That’s where we need to apply all aspects in order to respond to the current circumstances from a mature self…
the higher levels of our consciousness are less stable and connection is the only thing that stabilizes it..
..the moment I contract and shut down I also have no future…

“…our time is about presence, an alive participation, that every one of us will need to become a grownup mature citizen of this world, and this means that we don’t wait any more for other people or other structures or other organizations or governments to take care of the stuff we need to take care of.. that everyone takes care of what we need to care of, then many things will be taken care of…

“…not continue to perpetuate the indifference…the tissue of life is full of collective scars.. …it needs everyone of us who can stay conscious and present in this and also deal with the inner stuff that comes up in order to know what’s the right action in this time.” Thomas Huebl

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