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What is your legacy?

What is your legacy?

Summary notes by Brian Johnson from James Kerr’s book.
– begin with the end in mind.
– is what you are doing today serving this end?

– what is my job on the planet with a capital J? That only you can do?
– embrace those expectations. “no pressure no diamonds”.
– Kiwi kaizen. marginal gains. what can you do a little better today? find 100 things that you can do 1% better
– better people = better All Blacks
– after big winds, sweep the floor. (humility)
– The best way to get into flow is to put pressure on yourself. (Loss aversion)

I deeply admire Brian Johnson and his Philosopher notes. Not only for all the great work he puts out but also for his productivity and consistency. It is just incredible to watch this master in action. Day in, day out. He gets his work out early in the day before doing anything else, and it is always excellent.
He’s a great role model for all of us.

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