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A challenge to the free press

A challenge to the free press

Fibonacci sequenceHere’s a way we can all participate in grounding the depression that’s growing within our collective Zeitgeist using the mathematics of mother nature herself. The Fibonacci sequence. Let’s attempt to stay open and creative to whatever is arising in us and then the next day we attempt to double this capacity. How? Perhaps we invite someone else to participate with us and that doubles the empty window at a rate that then grows itself exponentially. radical-no-story-challengeHere’s the first empty window on this blog. radical no storyWouldn’t it be great if all the free press of this world (including all bloggers) could prove to us that they really are free press by executing something similar in their own media to remind the rest of us to stay open and present. We could do the same on Facebook and other social media by progressively blanking out our profile pics using the Fibonacci sequence as a guide.challenge to the free press, radical no story

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” said Lao Tzu. But that’s a long slow lonely path out of the past unless we follow the mathematics of collective grand design to bring joy, inspiration and innovation into our global village.
All it needs is for each of us to take personalty responsibility to keep a tiny window open, bringing clarity and calmness to our own central core.

“Inside I’m connected to the core of life, the process of creation” Thomas Huebl

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