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feeling states as weather

attitude as altitude? Pressure = fuel?

Strata in the collective field
Distance in Earth’s atmosphere is measured in feet or meters, called altitude, above sea level. The depth of the atmosphere weighing on you wherever you happen to be at any moment is called air pressure.
In the collective human field we are talking about something equally fluid but the yardstick is frequency, mood or vibration. David R Hawkins called the layers or strata in this field “attractor fields”, which are rather like radio frequencies that you either tune into or out of. If we see this field as a weather system, with highs and lows, it is easier to follow Heubl’s advice of “letting it swing through you” rather than being swept away with the tide.
Here is the Hawkins model of levels of consciousness. Now imagine that these layers are not static but fluid “weather”, and the collective field is made up of these layers.
Hawkins levels of consciousness
With turbulence, or in a depression or regression, we plummet inadvertently, unless we are conscious of what’s happening and take course correction. Says Huebl, when we are affected in this way we are no longer able to think or act the way we did previously. We can only tune in to the ideas of the frequency of mind that we are currently resonating with.
I saw this happen to a meditation teacher who I have always respected as a master teacher of mindfulness. The shift in mentality was radical. This shows us how severe this storm in the collective field currently is. If this can happen to a master teacher, what about ordinary people with no map?
We can use the above chart as a map or a GPS. “Where am I in this moment?” rather than “who am I?”…Seeing one’s thoughts as belonging to the field that we are experiencing allows for self compassion and also compassion for others.

Your daily GPS re-calibration:
G = gratitude
P = pattern recognition (where am I?)
S = self compassion

For example:

The USA knows how to put out a storm.
How? solid ground.
Where is it?
In the “I”
Wherever each of us is gathered together fully present with no story.
“United States” again. A state of mind?

Feeling whatever is arising
radical no story
S = surrender to the feeling (Hawkins “letting go” technique) rather than recreating past
T = take the released chi as up current (shift to future)
0 = radical no story
P = pressure is fuel (yang)
P = present is receiving (yin)

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