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Markus Hirzig on fake news

Markus Hirzig on fake news

Extract from a rough transcript from a 6 May 2020 private group call with Markus Hirzig

“The game board is alive. When we make the next step the game board changes.
The moment you notice that, you make an evolutionary step
. Your neighbors change
, the game board expands. Your perspective, the perspective of the whole game board changes. The whole thing is alive.
With millions contracting, the whole game board contracts 
and we don’t have so many abilities anymore.
 What was thinkable is no longer thinkable.
If you make real step the whole atmosphere changes.
The truth changes. It’s different.
 The perspective changes.
 Otherwise we need to do it again and again and we won’t arrive.
Making a step means we move.
Does the next step create a bigger game board or a smaller one or more of the same?

29.30 re fake news:
 believing there’s a force out here not for us
, we have no agency, 
and the world will not care.
And then we take facts and create a story around that.
It means we are not able to create democracy
. It’s a young view
As long as we project power and choice to others it is a bit young.

God only gives us the playground but we create a game.
The inertia of the game board is karma, decisions we haven’t taken responsibility for and we don’t look fully
and then that might look like a conspiracy. The facts may be true but how have we (twisted the facts into a fake story that reflects our younger self’s perception)?

 Good is in the eye of the beholder. How our system interacts with that. And if we can let go of good or not good we might notice the expansion or contraction of the universe.
 When someone’s transmission contains energy that means she’s in resonance with the creative process. And, if her mind, body and emotions are sending a congruent message, that will enrich our system and it will open the game board. The universe grows. Literally. 

If someone brings up a fear from a younger period (such as “I have no agency and the world doesn’t care” ) they contract and try to reduce the game board. If we go along with them we also reduce the game board. If we don’t go along and we pull out our energy we also contract the game board. But there’s a third option
which is to stay fully present but not contract with them through fear or shame or anger. Then we have the possibility to look around clearly and see what the next adjacent possibility is? What agency do I have? What’s there for me to do? ”

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