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Is the best vaccine “I Sing the Body Electric”?

Is the best vaccine “I Sing the Body Electric”?

tuning forks to create nitric acidThere’s a tectonic shift taking place in biological science. A change in perspective from a chemical model to an electrical model, particularly after John Beaulieu published his research into sound impacting healing/spiking nitric oxide in 2002. Source 1: Nitric Acid and Tuning Forks
Cyclic Nitric Oxide

Further studies followed.

Now the gold rush?

Quote by Lynne McTaggart : “In the last six years, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has set up two pharmaceutical companies: Calico (2013) and Verily Life Sciences (2015). Verily went on to partner with GlaxoSmithKline to create a third innovative drug company called Galvani Bioelectronics. In this way, Google can essentially harvest patients for Verily. Say you type in ‘alternatives for arthritis.’ What won’t immediately appear any longer are actual alternatives.”

Or a fresh idea

What if the new vaccine that everyone is searching for (against Coronavirus, Covid-19, C19 or any illness) isn’t new at all but is as ancient as human collaboration? What if it isn’t a chemical substance at all, but instead it produces a chemical substance (in our bodies)? Sound or music, or preferably, the musical note C128 to be exact. A sound already known to science way back in 500 BC and called by Pythagoras “the perfect 5th”.
After 40 years of experimenting with sound and it’s impact on people’s health, this is what John Beaulieu intended when he set out to prove scientifically that sounds impacts health. Instantly. Playing this single sound to organic material has now been scientifically proven to spike nitric oxide (the sign of good healthy cells) in all living, organic matter. (See notes 4) And big biz is trying to commoditize this.

Where can healing sounds be found?

By singing. Toning vowel sounds creates heal promoting vibrations throughout the body. The sound of music – any music that elevates your mood and makes you happy. The sounds of nature. Birds, water over rocks, waves crashing, children singing. Of joy. Dance, Qigong, breath work, meditation….
Other ways to produce these sounds more precisely? Musical instruments, Tuning forks, gongs, singing bowls…..all ancient civilizations have their traditions.

Now the new kids on the block in the world of sound healing, Bioelectronics funded, parented and protected by Google, is Alphabet startup Galvani Bioelectronics who intend to surgically insert tiny battery powered tuning forks into people’s veins.

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have a vibrating (weighted) tuning fork such as the Otto 128 applied gently to my skin or scull (where the vagus exits the head) though gentle touch (non-intrusively), than have similar but smaller battery operated vibrating tuning forks surgically inserted into my Vagus nerve or into other veins or parts of my body.

Can we still take back ownership of our own bodies before its too late?

Can we take back ownership of our own thoughts, and therefore our own health, before it’s too late?

The work of cellular biologist Bruce Lipton confirms and supports this idea.
Likewise the work of many others. All proving we can raise our vibration through toning, meditation, qigong, dance anything that makes you feel happy in other words, ups your feeling state, frequency or vibration.

Essentially feelings are fuel. And most of us haven’t learnt how to harvest or channel our own emotions.

Fear is being whipped up stirred to a frenzy by the media and then used to promote vaccines. On the other hand the same fear is been used by others (?) to promote conflict and war backed by the trillion dollar arms industry. Notice the slick, expensive video productions out there erroneously promoting conflict and war plastered all over Facebook and youtube and these videos have not been taken down, possibly because they are earning Facebook and Google /Youtube too much revenue.

Compare this to Rudolf Steiner’s perspective on viruses (a thought ahead of its time, from last century, that viruses are the body’s attempt to excrete toxins created by increasing electrical pollution in the atmosphere.) A video explaining this possibility was posted recently by Dr. Thomas Cowan M.D. author of Human Heart, Cosmic Heart.

video no longer available
Oops! Now removed by Big Brother – sorry folks!
Why was this insightful, thought provoking video removed and the war promoting videos not? Particularly when it may actually provide useful insight to humanity?

A new Xprize challenge for futurists?

It’s already scientifically accepted that we are electrical translated into chemical. What if the hypothesis that humans are biocomputers is accurate and we really are living in a simulation? And what if most of us haven’t fully matured to the point where we can self switch on all our faculties? If so, how can humanity be given chance to develop to our full potential before future generations of AI (more advanced biocomputers) fully control or eradicate human potential and life as we know it?
If we are living in a limitless world, with the ability to create through intention, why practice greed or domination, unless we are responding to our own ancestral undigested traumas?
What alternative to 5G could be created that enhances our subtle body intelligence and help to switch us on, rather than attempt to control us by switching us off (through fear and distraction)?
How can we become more connected to each other without diminishing our intelligence so that working together we enhance our capacities instead? (see group attunement notes 5)
Some thoughts to consider, from Rudolf Steiner from the last century on the possible cause of viruses being our body’s attempt to excrete toxins created by increasing electrical smog such as radio, radar, (and now wifi and now, on an exponential scale of magnitude, 5G.) If Steiner’s theory were even partially true, what could we do differently today? Perhaps at least read and fully digest and act on appeal by scientists worldwide against 5G
None of us want to go back to painfully slow internet connections. How can we safeguard humanity and still advance in leaps and bounds?

We live in a hall of mirrors. “Do unto others as you would be done to yourself”
Perhaps the only genuine vaccine that can fix humanity right now is a new economic model?

Letting go of all thinking driven by scarcity. Embracing an opening of the heart. The power of love rather than the love of power. Now that’s genuine abundance.

Further reading:

We Are In a Video Game. The Simulation Hypothesis by MIT computer scientist Rizwan Virk (2019)
see also
the field of Biophotonics

All Books by Yuval Noah Harari, particularly Homo Deus and the key elements of his last few books in a quick read mini book titled Money.
Dan Brown’s novel, Origin.
The book “Already Awake” by Neale Donald Walsch. Neale has been teaching the video game analogy for years.
A Course in Miracles (1960s publication teaching virtual reality without naming it in language from the 1960s.)
The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac.
see also
The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for the Future at the New Frontier of Power – Shoshana Zuboff
Humankind – Rutger Bregman
John Beaulieu – Sound Healing with Values Visualization

Notes and resources
1. “I Sing the Body Electric” title is borrowed from Walt Whitman poem.
2. John Beaulieu Ultra sonic core- a quantum model
3. Music to elevate your mood. Any music that uplifts you. See Tom Kenyon Heart Portal meditation
Also see scientifically tested and documented during many large group events by Joe Dispenza. Created by Barry Goldstein – such as the Sound of Joy and many others.

4. An inexpensive alternative to surgical insertion of tuning devices are Body Tuners . 95% of cases these 3 forks are all that is needed. Starter pack.

5. Group attunement. Groups of people attuning to each other magnifies individual and collective intelligence. Discussed by Thomas Huebl as a resource in recent interview.
Also see the power of 8 intention research by lynne McTaggart.

6. See Zach Bush regarding immune system also 4 minute workout for spiking nitric acid

Also by Lynne McTaggart When Big Brother went high tech

8. The good news side all this fear? Read my previous post titled Shaken Awake. We’re all having massive experiences to shake out, digest and re-purpose the energy currently locked up in ancient fears.
9. The fact that I’m even bothering to research and write this article indicates that, like the people I’m pointing fingers at, I’m too in my head and not fully present to the opportunity afforded us in the previous point.

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