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May you bring light

May you bring light

may you bring lightThis year, may we each bring more light to our world. Igniting others to do the same.

But how?

On the quantum level the material world is not continuous! Each instant, its substance is entirely different. This means that all that is holding the world in place is a consensus reality. We recreate what we expect to see.

But what if every moment we choose to make a different choice than before? Then it surely also means that every next moment we have the chance of a completely new reality.

And what if more of us experimented with this idea: that every moment offers each one of us a moment to course correct.

Pilots flying from A to B are off course 99% of the time due to cross winds and other factors. So how do they arrive at their intended destination? They course correct, making tiny adjustments moment to moment.

So can we. We can pay attention to the vision we hold and to keep course correcting moment to moment. If in this moment we make a poor choice there’s no reason to make the same choice the very next moment. And if, through habit or fear, we find ourselves making the same old same old choice, we can delight in reminding ourselves that this very next moment we get to choose again. We have free will. We can risk the adventure that comes with choosing differently. The grand adventure of choosing love and peace, of choosing life, of choosing joy, of choosing kindness, of choosing integrity and honesty, of choosing hope, of choosing compassion, of choosing species diversity, of choosing half the world rewilded, of choosing to protect all song birds, elephants, humpbacked whales, coral reefs, sword fish, rare wild crops, a solar powered one grid igniting and reigniting the world, reversing laws that don’t serve life.
We can choose life for our planet. We can choose breath. Free octopus and orangutang, dugongs and door mice.

By simply choosing love this very next moment, and the next and the next…until we all do.

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