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Stuck vs unstuck

Stuck vs unstuck

It’s easy to tell others what to do about feeling stuck: “Just move something and that rearranges everything..”
But that hasn’t worked for me recently.

Fortunately Joy Drake offered a simple formula:
Awareness + Choice = Change
Awareness + No choice = Stuck

What I see now, thanks to Joy’s magical formula is that I have way too many projects on the back-burner and haven’t been willing to choose which to let go of til now. And each back burner is accumulative no matter how low flamed.

Choosing which to turn off is really challenging for me. Like letting go of one’s children. 😉
How about you? Where are you not choosing?

Perhaps we need a “do NOT do” list for 2023.
what NOT to do this coming year rather than resolutions?

I like Tim Ferriss’s thoughts on this – the Past Year Review:
Divide a page into 2 columns: With the headings: +ve and -ve
Then look back at your calendar from 2022 and decide which events enlivened you and which drained you.
Then make a note to yourself to do more of the one and none of the other.
Perhaps stick your “do NOT do list” on your bathroom mirror or somewhere else you can’t miss seeing…
What enlivens you and what doesn’t? That’s what I’m asking myself daily this year.

Photos by Rhand McCoy on Unsplash and Anotia Wang on Unsplash

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