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Putting God back together

Putting God back together

If you take a hologram and cut it in two you get two identical holograms. If you take one of those and cut it in half again, the same thing happens. Again and again it is the same result. Each time one loses a bit of resolution but the entire pattern stays intact, fully replicated instead of halved.

If this works in one direction shouldn’t it work in the opposite direction too?
If one takes two identical holographs and put them together wouldn’t you then have a larger more perfect version of the same thing? And so on until you have pure perfection.

If God is the entire hologram and each one of us a tiny fragment of the whole, then each is an exact replica. Standing together we become a higher resolution or more perfect version. Perhaps the task then of each of us is to see ourselves for who we really are and become One. By emulating the divine and finding unity we put God back together and have heaven on earth.

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