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Resetting purpose

Resetting purpose

As the world spins giddily into a whole New Year we have a chance to press reset, to recalibrate and re-dream our vision for ourselves, our precious Earth and our collective humanity.

Photo by Alberto Bigoni on Unsplash

This past year I’ve spent many hours in nature, calming my nervous system which picks up all the tensions of our collective and ancestral network. Whether we realise it or not, we all pick up these tensions because we are part of a huge web of sentient life. Each of us feels the tremors from all corners of our vast interwoven web.

Surprisingly, on quantum level, the physical world isn’t continuous but is born anew moment by moment. Also, it is not separate, cold and objective but actually very very personal, responding to our every thought. We are living in a consensus reality driven mostly by fear. But if each of us chooses to unplug from a destructive future, choosing love over fear, domination, scarcity, expedience and an eye for an eye
Just imagine… as John Lennon whispered to us all those years ago.
Imagine what is possible if each of us risks letting go of our war-torn past reality by each of us holding a vision of a better future and then course correcting, moment to moment towards our new vision.

How can we do this?
– By recalibrating our nervous systems:
by unplugging from media regularly and connecting instead with nature to calm our currently jangling and buzzing nervous systems which are both a collective and an inherited network.
– By holding a clear vision of a positive future
– By looking forward, rather than backwards.
– And, by showing up differently.
And each time we don’t, we can course correct by supporting ourselves and each other with compassion. Rather than turning our backs and judging.

My wish for all of us in 2024. May we hold a clear positive vision for our future.
May we choose love over and over even when it seems counterintuitive. And when fear kidnaps us may we remember to press reset and course correct, moment to moment. Blessing and thanking our ancestors but choosing to respond differently.
My wish for you in 2024: may you always look forward, rather than backwards, adding sparkle, light and delight to all you touch.


Connecting, sharing and attuning –
This past year, I had the privilege of joining a Kosmos Circle with Rhonda Fabian where we met monthly in small online groups to attune, explore and share perspectives and impressions on numerous topics related to global transformation and the direction we currently find our world heading. It was a tremendous experience, coming together regularly with the same group of people to explore whatever was arising for each of us in that moment on the monthly theme. Hearing multiple perspectives and building on each other’s impressions was thought provoking, bonding and uplifting.

Re-dreaming the future –
See Kosmos edition 4/2023 The Politics of Being by Thomas Legrand on the topic of redreaming our world.
Recalibrating your nervous system – We think to avoid feeling and can’t do both simultaneously! Here’s a great article on this from Kosmos (autumn 2021) with both somatic and experiental exercises: Embodied thinking and embodied feeling by Alan Fogel.
I’ve also found breathwork exceedingly helpful over recent years.
At the moment I’m exploring Tom Granger’s huge collection of interviews, specifically his Aria music App which is still in development phase. A big breakthrough for me was reactivating the use of my diaphram. Many of us are not using our diaphrams at all for whatever reason. Pranayama has many techniques to rectify this.
See also the work of Markus Hirzig on subtle body competence. Markus is a senior mentor in the Thomas Hübl community. There are a number of his videos working with small groups on this site.

– Showing up as our best selves, day in day out explore Areté, the recent publication of a vast body of wisdom compiled over 18 years by Brian Johnson.

– Regarding individual purpose and the universe responding to our thoughts and intentions. Each one of us has a unique purpose to heal something, course correct in the grander scheme of things. For the last 20 years I’ve been exploring how this relates to archetypal themes encoded in our fingerprints. It’s a compelling idea. You can find out more about this on my hands website.

What if?
An afterthought or epithany re jangling nervous systems. What if the fear we think we are feeling in our nervous system is actually the tingly champagne bubble sensation of aliveness as we become more embodied? Perhaps fear is serving us right now by bringing more of us back into our bodies? Is there a hidden gift if we can see it? Not to shut down whatever we are feeling but instead allowing it to stream through us, empowering us to act bravely and joyfully for the good of all.

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