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Remembering Cassandra

Remembering Cassandra

October 3rd 1952 – January 2nd 2023

Cassandra Budlong at her photographic art exhibition at the American Women’s Club of Zurich, 2019.

Our small zoom writers group, of which Cassandra was a part, gave her a good send off last week.
Helen in San Franciso made Cassandra’s Nana’s scone recipe.
Deb Hoffman read a beautiful poem Cassandra had written that we’d never seen before. (Lyla found it in Cassandra’s folders, scanned and sent to us just before our meeting) and Olga dug up parts of Cassandra’s life of which none of us knew anything, such as

Cassandra’s SBS biography 2022 – it’s pretty impressive!

Cassandra Budlong SBS Bio 2022

Cassandra Budlong
Editor in Chief Journal of Applied Business Research

Cassandra Budlong studied at Old Dominion University in Virginia where she earned a Master of Arts in Humanities. She served for nine years in the US Navy, and was actively involved in implementing the US Navy’s Equal Opportunity Program on all naval facilities, ships and squadrons on the east coast of the USA, as well as working as a military journalist.

After leaving the Navy, she worked as Marketing Director for two major Los Angeles area shopping centers, and in San Diego county as a Downtown Coordinator and Special Events Director staging four major street festivals in a downtown business district each year. She also worked in Public Relations in southern California for a community hospital, a chamber of commerce, and in the city hall offices.

Ms. Budlong gained extensive experience in editing a wide range of publications while working in her previous positions including company newsletters, business journals, information brochures, and books.

Additionally, she has over 20 years experience teaching at international business schools in Switzerland, including SBS Swiss Business School, lecturing in Business English, Cross-cultural Communication and Interpersonal Communication.

She currently serves on the Executive Board of the American Women’s Club of Zurich as the Vice President of Clubhouse Operations. From 2011-2013 Ms. Budlong was on the Executive Board of the Zurich International Women’s Association and was the Editor of the association’s monthly news magazine for over six years.

and also her pinterest profile.

Seems none of us really knew her depth and breadth and all the lives she touched. And I think she liked it that way.

I’ll remember her as a rare dark horse, lover of cats, nature spirits, words and wild places.

Her poem is below.

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