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The space between stories

The space between stories

radical-no-storyThere’s a story trying to write itself thru me, thru you, through all of us. I’ve been writing a lot to you my journal about this but not putting it out there into the world. Lots of half written unfinished stories, like our lives in a way… the joy is in the journey not in the completion.

Why unfinished?
An attempt to blow away the fog and numbness and look in the mirror. More clearly. More honestly. What am I trying to fix? What has popped up a lot this year is the America election. So I have a notebook full of half written stories about what to do. Some funny but unfinished. Unfinished each time I realize I’m trying to put lipstick on the mirror instead of onto my myself.
So what I’m doing to do is give myself a 40 day challenge and attempt to finish some or perhaps even all of them, and put them out into the world where they belong.
Why 40 days? There’s a countdown going on. Actually multiple countdowns. Some are of global significance, some cultural, religious, or seasonal….

For example?
… days to the final vote re who will be president of US.
(Why not dual vs duel? joint leadership or something like the Swiss System where there are a council of 7 who play musical chairs annually, rotating the hot seat and the load…)
Perhaps the most positive action we can take is practice “radical no story” from now til then to allow space/an open window for divine inspiration to come through. The space between stories is where there is no us vs them. The open window into new story is through no story. The solid ground each of us makes available.
Here’s some advice from Thomas Huebl: On being a mature Citizen of the world
And on us vs them

Other countdowns
…to next open Earthuni interview
replay available here

… days until Solstice
… days until Christmas
to year end
… until Chinese NY ….

365 days until we arrive back in the same curve of an endless spiraling story, hopefully in a higher place than the previous year….

Some important dates along the way:
Thursday Dec 8 I’ll be interviewing Markus Hirzig on grounding a higher level of consciousness. Mark this date in your calendar. It is not to be missed. This call is going to blow your socks right off your feet.
What’s it about?
It’s the hidden side of grounding, and why many of us can’t do it properly. And what this has to do with the space between stories.
Replay is now available here
More information about how you can learn directly from Markus in Earthuni in 2017

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