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Coming soon in Earthuni – forthcoming calls with Richard Unger

Richard Unger professional Hand Analysis ClassesOur annual call series with Richard Unger is well under way.

Here is the weekly program for the entire year of what to expect.
Essentially, there are a number of different levels:
soul topics (one call per month) fingerprint themes: the practice of soul tracking and an in depth exploration common life themes.
palm topics (one call per month): line formations and personality. Ian inexpensive way to learn directly from the maestro.)
advanced threading (one call per month, except holidays)
client communication skills (one call per month, except holidays): Learn how to talk to your own clients by watching Richard talk to people about the core themes in their hands.

The client communication classes are a brand new series, that started this year. You may submit your own hands for this series. All the classes are video format and students can join the conversation and ask questions during the live call. This is a wonderful opportunity to interface with Richard and others on the calls.
Feedback on this new series:
“An instructor can talk all day about technique and philosophy, but for me, Richard the teacher never shone so fully or penetrated so deeply. It’s like the difference between reading about music and just being swept up by great music.” – Kathlyn Phil

Who are these classes for?
Both soul and palms topics are for everyone.
Advanced Threading and client communication skills classes are only for hand analysts who already have some professional training.

Join us annually or monthly – more information here.

How to interpret dreams that make you feel bad or sad or angry or stressed..

Here’s some really valuable advice about dream interpretation from Richard Moss
view this 5 minute video on his website

Richard says, whenever you have a dream simply ask yourself:
“If I hadn’t had this dream what would I not be conscious of? ..
Consciousness isn’t just thinking. Also ask, ‘If i hadn’t had this dream, what sensations would I not be aware of?
If I hadn’t had this dream, what way of being in myself would I not be conscious of?’… the dream makes the sensation tangible and clear so you can remember the same sensation in your waking life… then, when you feel the sensations that the dream generates, the sensation of stress or tension, anxiety, panic, when you feel that same feeling in your waking life, you realize, oh that’s dream showed me … can I stop doing this right now?… ”

I find it fascinating that dreams help you become conscious of the exact same scenarios or issues as your fingerprints do! This is invaluable input if you are trying to become conscious of what causes you to contract, and your knee-jerk response to this situation. We can use dreams to remind ourselves of our biggest blind spot, our own internal programming, and, more importantly, that we can choose to respond differently, with self compassion, instead of knee-jerk triggering. Which is exactly the same reason for knowing one’s fingerprints.

Here’s an example: the other day a friend shared a dream in which she had shot a man and felt really really bad as a result. Interestingly, her life lesson, according to her fingerprints, is all about power and powerlessness. Not to shoot too quickly and not, not at all either.

Next time you have a dream with a strong emotional charge, think about how it relates back to raising your awareness in now time, of the life themes in your fingerprints.

Interview with Nicholas Janni

Listen to this call on iTunes. Subscribe to Earth Uni podcast

Nicholas-JanniI spoke to Nicholas Janni on peak performance presence and leading from a higher level of consciousness.
We discussed what to do about Vuca (Volitility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity)
how being present precludes being in control
and how “robust vulnerability” could help Hillary Clinton win the election. (14.40 into call.)

Forthcoming online course on leading from a higher consciousness
Who is Nicholas Janni?

Over the last fourteen years Nicholas has gained an international reputation for his transformational coaching and leadership development seminars.

Clients include FedEx, Rolls Royce, Swiss Re, Centrica, Motorola, Microsoft and Intel, as well as the UK Permanent Secretaries and several cabinet ministers.

He bridges the worlds of creative, personal, spiritual and professional development in a uniquely powerful, relevant and accessible way.

Nicholas is a former Associate Fellow at The University of Oxford Said Business School, and teaches regularly at the IMD in Lausanne.

His website

2015 Earth School interview with Nicholas on awakened leadership
Listen to this call here

First call in Earth Uni’s open auditorium

“When you set an intention the whole universe changes.”

Dr Mahayana I DugastHave you noticed how different everything feels this year?
It seems we are each being called to participate on a totally different level. And the speed is fast forward.

For example, end of last year I pressed “upgrade” inside my website and suddenly parts of Earth School started shutting down. I could not use the old system anymore. The result? While the old Earth School is back and functional, we now have a totally new baby called “Earth Uni”.

It is as if the universe wanted a newer version on a higher level. And while every level of being requires a different level of presence, skill and guidance, this feels both scary and exciting.

Our first no charge call in Earth Uni is with Dr Mahayana I Dugast.
Thursday February 9 at 10.00 am CET/ 9.00 UK Brisbane 7 pm, Sydney 8.00pm Elsewhere

Mahayana is here to show us how to prepare for a new way of being. She knows how to clear long-term subconscious patterns and limitations, how to clear out old intentions and a lot more.

She has also done her time in the trenches with cancer, abuse and more.

Says Mahayana, ‘You are far more powerful than you were led to believe.’
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Earth Uni will open officially on 16 02 2016 (Feb, 16 ’16)
We have a really big surprise for you on that day.

In the meantime please be patient with the new site. We are still on wobbly legs. You are welcome to join us tomorrow to catch a glimpse of the future.

Note: Earth Uni is a totally new campus on a totally new website so you need to register anew as a new person even if you are already registered in Earth School. (Tip: perhaps use the same user name and password for Earth Uni as you did for Earth School so that you can easily hop across from one to the other. There is a bridge between the two.)

If you are already registered in Earth Uni in 2016 please ignore this step and simply access the call in the open auditorium (current free class). The replay will be in the same place.

Looking forward to having you with us!

Interview with Dr. Mahayana I. Dugast

 Mahayana Dugast
Earth Uni’s first breakthrough interview towards a new level of consciousness.

Jena Griffiths will be talking to Dr. Mahayana I. Dugast on
​​Connecting the Dots™​
Connecting the DOTS is about becoming FREE, NOW.

Mahayana will share her three steps to:

  • Gain daily awareness, and stay in the moment, no matter how busy you are
  • Understand the mind-emotions dynamic… to get free from it, or use it to suit you!
  • Clear long-term subconscious patterns and limitations to make room for inspired living
Tuesday February 9 2016 at 10.00 am CET/ 9.00 UK Brisbane 7.00pm

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Who is Mahayana?

Dr. Mahayana I. Dugast, author, was born in Chamonix Mt Blanc, France. She has practiced mindfulness, natural healing and many self-development & self-realization methods for the past 30 years. She holds a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Sciences.

She is the adopted Hanai (daughter) of Aunty Pua, an Hawaiian elder, and carries and shared the spiritual protocol and aloha blessing during some of her live events.

Mahayana now lives in Ireland, Cork for the last 21 years. She has also shared her work in China, the USA, the United Kingdom, Hawaii, Germany, Iceland, France and Northern Ireland.

Her unique method Connecting the DOTS™ reflects the fundamental essence and application of integrated practical awareness, and the practical application of neuroscience and epigenetics for the development of Human potential and ultimate resilience. She is the founder of NeuroBiology Reprogramming™.

Mahayana also specializes in Mindfulness & Resilience Training for Individual, Academic & Corporate success. Whether written or transmitted, anything she imparts is simple, fun and highly practical, and it can be used by anyone desiring to improve their daily experience of life, both personally and professionally.

‘’You are far more powerful than you were led to believe…’’

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