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Is Duality an illusion? Think like a cyclist (part ll)

wheel of reflection
How do we go from infinity and oneness to separation and opposition? Could we blame the mirror neurons buried deep in our brains for having us chucked out of the garden of Eden? They were built for empathy and rapid learning but what if fear gets in the way?

The wheel of self reflection

Metaphysical teacher Thomas Huebl draws the “loop of individuation” as an infinity symbol and explains one side as an endless wheel of relating: “Becoming and belonging”.
We develop through relating. For example, we run from our mother to explore the world. Then, when fear stops us, we turn back for comfort, to belong again. This happens over and over.

But what about the other side of the loop?

About 75 000 years ago we developed mirror neurons to speed up evolution.
Could this be like putting a mirror between the two sides of the figure of 8? Then everything we do is reflected back to us.

Let’s call this “the wheel of self reflection”.
This has advantages and disadvantages. We want to know ourselves
There’s no longer just one of us here playing alone.
We have m/other. But there’s an illusion of opposition.
We come back to our mother’s arms for comfort. We see her smile. The world feels safe and we can run off again.
Each time we look at m/other we get ideas, how to behave, how to relate. She’s our “wheel of self reflection.” Add more people and events and our view of ourselves gets richer and progressively more complex.

illusion of resistanceHave you noticed? By putting a mirror in the middle of infinity we now have something that looks and behaves exactly like a bicycle. The back wheel drives the bike forward. The front wheel steers but is freewheeling. From a distance one can see that the entire bike is moving in one direction, but from close up it could look like the back wheel and the front wheel were apposing each other. If you were an ant stuck to the front tyre, as the wheel spun round each time you would have the impression that the other wheel was opposing, about to come down on you and maybe even crush you.

So how can we apply this to ourselves? What if each time we self reflect we start to see through the mirror. Like in Aikido, instead of seeing the movement as opposition we use the movement to our advantage. And gradually we clean away the fog, blood, sweat and tears and look through these illusions – the illusion of resistance and also the illusion of other and opposition? What do we see? Can we find timeless archetypes that help us make sense of who we are or whatever is happening right now? In what way is what is happening now moving the bike forward; serving us and the greater good?

If light is driving the wheel and all we are doing is steering the front wheel with our attention, riding the stream in order to endlessly become, how can we focus our attention on using the movement generated to go were we want rather than where we don’t want?

How to apply this personally? Join us in Findhorn this summer for soul tracking. 🙂

Feeling Stuck? How to get going again? Think like a cyclist

flat tirePerhaps you have noticed, it isn’t actually possible to ride a bike unless you keep moving. Life’s the same. The secret is to just keep moving. Here’s how.

2600 years ago Buddha said “life is dukkha” and although “dukkha” is usually translated as “suffering” it actually means “stuck wheel” as in the wheel of an ox cart stuck in the mud. With this in mind, let’s explore six different types of “stuck wheel” that I experienced in my cycling days, what to do about each, how this may apply to your particular “stuck” state and moving on.

For example, I once had a puncture in a race, repaired it and still managed to win the race. The next year in the exact same race I had no puncture, was just as fit but came nowhere. It was a different kind of “stuck wheel”, nothing to do with the wheel itself nor my ability to turn it. The “stuck wheel” was due to me trying to stay in the game when spirit had already moved on and was no longer turning the hub.

Here are 6 stuck states to watch out for:
1. flat wheel
Think of the air in your tyres as ego. We need ego to keep us alive and to lessen the bumps in the road. If we are too deflated we get stuck but also if we are over-inflated.

If you ever go to watch a triathlon race go stand near the transition zone. If it’s a hot day, chances are you’ll hear “bang” every now and then coming from where the bikes hang out, before the riders finish the swim. “Bang” means some poor athlete’s wheel has popped due to over-inflation. Perhaps this is also what happens with too much ego. We explode soon as things get too heated and chances are, we aren’t even fully present yet when it happens.

Puncture as opportunity to connect
I once met an Irish travel writer called Dervlah Murphy who cycled right down though Africa yet could not fix a puncture let alone repair anything. I asked her how she managed and she said any mishap was an opportunity to meet and be rescued by the locals. How many of us think that way in normal life? We are so determined to do it all on our own that we fail to allow others the pleasure of shining.

buckled-wheel2. buckled wheel
Think of your personality makeup as the different spokes in your flywheel, You are not just one type but a complex mix of many interwoven types. Each “spoke” is a different voice; a personality trait archetype or strength. There always needs to be a balance. If one is too tight or too loose, or missing, the wheel buckles and gets stuck. How to get going again? Reclaim your neglected or disowned voices. How? Look at any person you admire or one you dislike intensely or who frustrates you. In some way they are mirroring back to you a disowned part even if the image is reversed. Take Trump for example, he managed to galvanise millions of people to shift from fear or apathy to anger and then to connecting and taking courageous action by stepping forward to appose his steps backward. They have reclaimed their potential to act and make a difference. Millions of women now feel enlivened. They have also regained their disowned voices, standing their ground and even moving forward while inspiring billions of others all around the globe. The good news is, no war was required to create this huge shift in consciousness. In what way is each person you don’t like a mirror? Use the mirror to actively adjust your own position and thank whoever is holding the mirror for this amazing act of service even though it wasn’t consciously intended. Also look for some positive aspect in them, like taking radical action or being vocal. In what way is this a call to reclaim a disowned voice?

bike crash
3. Crashes happen when we are not fully present. In a bike race, riders cycle millimeters away from each other without crashing. How? They are in a flow state, moving as one mind. We step out of flow states when we start worrying about things that have nothing to do with now.

4. Iced road. If the road’s frozen or slippery, wheels often don’t have a chance to turn instead they slide totally out of control. This is called fear. There are no signs to remind you, the road condition is one’s state of mind.

fear slip
5. Moving on. This is a totally different kind of stuck wheel. You may not recognise it at first or want to believe it but once you have experienced it a few times you’ll recognise the signs. Like the time I found myself scrambling at the back of the pack instead of flying up front. It wasn’t due to any wheel being stuck but more due to loss of spirit. Nothing had changed except it was simply time to move on. This is a case of over-attachment to identity. The will to win was still there but the spirit sponsoring my life was no longer willing.

dead end
6. Jammed gears. When you are getting hints to move on, monitor how this makes you feel. Do you take yourself to shame or guilt or fear or anger or frustration? Each feeling state is a useful gear in a whole cluster of gears. They each have a purpose but need to be used at the right moment.
When gears get jammed everything comes to a sudden halt. This is what happens when we get stuck in shame or guilt or fear or anger… We over-attach and fall over instead of using each gear to shift to the next gear to gain more momentum.

gears scan

7. Letting go of the brakes We know it’s time to move on but get “stuck” by thinking we need to know in advance what’s beyond the next curve. And we don’t know! This is where the magic happens. What some people call faith. We let go of the brakes and allow the hub of the wheel to freewheel. Life turns through us. We feel the wind in our hair again and laugh.
Or as Thomas Huebl puts it:
“Not knowing where the ground will emerge when I take the next step is an act of love”

Just keep moving.

“All healing is a restoration of movement” says Huebl. Movement creates chi not vice versa. Stuck wheel is when we over-attach to what is. Including the idea that we are stuck. Here’s a radical thought: in what way is the idea you are stuck actually serving you?

Saying “Yes” to what is. “Whatever is in your way is your way.”
We might think we’ll be faster if the road were flatter or all downhill but there’s no summit without a climb and this is what we are here for anyway.
Joy, love and appreciation are the magic lubricants for whatever is.

Usually our stuck state is driven by a fear of loss. Ask yourself “Am I motivated by fear or by love?”
Instead of asking “who am I?” ask “what gear am I in'” and “what’s driving me?”

And get your body moving. This creates energy and space around any problem. Space for new inspiration to come in from a higher mind.

To learn more about this ride from your soul’s perspective, join us in Findhorn this summer.

Second Q&A replay – Markus Hirzig on grounding and developing subtle competencies

Here’s the replay of the second call with Markus.

Notice how Markus asks each person if they want a general answer or a specific and personal one. This makes a huge difference to what happens next. Thanks to Michael, about 55 minutes into the call, Markus had the opportunity to really sense into someone and address the question asked more fully. This capacity is what we are awakening on this course.

I’m forming a small group of about 10 people like-minded people to work with Markus for the next few months in Earthuni. This is an opportunity to really open up and make huge steps.

If you would like to join us, here is the registration page.
We will be doing work like Michael did with Markus about 50/55 minutes into this call. Plus learning lots of grounding exercises.

The dates for these 6 calls with Markus have changed to:
all at 10.30 CET

Call 1 February 2nd (Thursday)
Call 2 February 7th (Tuesday)
Call 3 March 9th (Thursday)
Call 4 March 23rd (Thursday)
Call 5 April 6th (Thursday)
Call 6 May 4th (Thursday)

More about Markus Hirzig? – visit his website
Also watch the previous Earthuni call with Markus: Grounding a higher consciousness – what does it mean and how to do it

Next Step? Wind under your wings. Q&A tomorrow

Some albatrosses can fly for months, even years non stop without touching solid ground.
How do they do it? Are you a bit like this? And what can you do better?
Firstly, it takes special conditions for these big birds to get started. Their wings are so large they need a cliff to get airborne. And then comes the courage to jump off that cliff.

Is this you?

You know you are loaded with potential and now is the time to fine-tune subtle energy capacities that keep you riding the up currents on each and every wave you meet in the months and years ahead. To sense these fine winds, paradoxically first requires grounding in a safe environment. First you learn to open up and feel all the subtle currents you never knew existed.

subtle body competencies, groundingIn the coming months I have invited a master of these finer competencies, Markus Hirzig, to come and play surrogate parent to all of us wanting to learn to do this.

It is the next step, in order to survive and thrive the adventure you were born for.

This is such a crucial step that I’ve persuaded Markus to do another free Q&A with us tomorrow so that you can find out more and ask more questions. If you can’t make the live call, send me any other questions you have on this topic and I’ll ask them for you.

The live call will be tomorrow at 10.30 am CET. Here is the link to join us. And here is the exact time wherever you are. The replay will be on the same link after the call: free auditorium
There is no charge to attend this call.

Markus will be with us in person in Earthuni for the next 3 months. Take full advantage. More about this here.

Facing resistance? think like a pilot


Pilots know something that the rest of us haven’t quite figured out.
Only the idle face no resistance.
Resistance is a natural byproduct of action.

The faster you go the more resistance you face
something magical happens
suddenly you are airborne.
What was once resistance is now the wind under your wings.

Face the wind and love it. Learn how

The war is over in all the territory you own…?

We all own some territory, even if it is just the small space between our ears. Lets unite all these peaceful spaces from heart to heart, mind to mind, a healthy virus to heal us all..
war is over wherever you are

“Occupy and use your country. If you don’t others will” Robert Louis Stevenson

In 1894 Robert Louis Stevenson gave an address to the chiefs of Samoa on the opening of the Road of Gratitude, warning the chiefs to take ownership of their own land so that it was not occupied by others. The true warriors that generations will bless in future, he said, are not the fighters who kill and wound but those who clear the bush, plant productive seeds and build roads that can serve others, perhaps even hundreds of years from now. Stevenson’s speech applies not just to physical territory but also to less obvious zones that are just as real. Personal boundaries are breached when we don’t occupy this space ourselves. Others can’t feel our ownership because our presence is lacking. Then there’s that quiet fountainhead at the core of each of us that needs constant tending and defending. The tiny well of infinite source that each one of us is responsible for keeping clear and empty of debris so that new inspiration can flow in. When, we escape to the small life raft each of us also owns, called “intellect” and abandon our other rich territories, who are we to complain when suddenly they are enlisted in someone else’s war or profit machinery? Let’s take ownership of our own inner domains and fill them with peace and love and joy and creative innovation.

Positive role models?

From an inner territory perspective, Victor Frankl trail-blazed a path, how to do this from a rock bottom place, by figuring out how he and and a few others survived Auschwitz while so many others didn’t. Said Frankl, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.”
Frankl’s method is described in his 1946 book: Man’s Search for Meaning (Identifying a purpose in life to feel positively about, and then immersively imagining that outcome.

Frankl also said, “Freedom, however, is not the last word. Freedom is only part of the story and half of the truth. Freedom is but the negative aspect of the whole phenomenon whose positive aspect is responsibleness. In fact, freedom is in danger of degenerating into mere arbitrariness unless it is lived in terms of responsibleness. That is why I recommend that the Statue of Liberty on the East Coast be supplemented by a Statue of Responsibility on the West Coast.”

There are many ways we can stand together, uniting all the peaceful places we own, from heart to heart, mind to mind to spread healthy virus to heal us all..

From a land/physical territorial perspective, Standing Rock Sioux tribe who won the case against pipeline drilling under the Missouri river lake recently showed us how to do it.

Here’s a thread to a campaign that John Lennon started in 1969. You can get free posters to spread around in any language from his site:

If you would like practical help reclaiming your own inner territories, not only to find peace but also to enliven your spirit, develop subtle body competencies, and awaken to your own potential, join us in Earthuni with Markus Hirzig, a trusted and respected guide who can help you reclaim your own fountainhead of inspiration and aliveness. If not now, when? Seize the day.

Starting January 10 2017, wherever you are in the world.
Join us here –

A challenge to the free press (that means you)

Fibonacci sequenceHere’s a way we can all participate in grounding the depression that’s growing within our collective Zeitgeist using the mathematics of mother nature herself. The Fibonacci sequence. Let’s attempt to stay open and creative to whatever is arising in us and then the next day we attempt to double this capacity. How? Perhaps we invite someone else to participate with us and that doubles the empty window at a rate that then grows itself exponentially. radical-no-story-challengeHere’s the first empty window on this blog. radical no storyWouldn’t it be great if all the free press of this world (including all bloggers) could prove to us that they really are free press by executing something similar in their own media to remind the rest of us to stay open and present. We could do the same on Facebook and other social media by progressively blanking out our profile pics using the Fibonacci sequence as a guide.challenge to the free press, radical no story

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” said Lao Tzu. But that’s a long slow lonely path out of the past unless we follow the mathematics of collective grand design to bring joy, inspiration and innovation into our global village.
All it needs is for each of us to take personalty responsibility to keep a tiny window open, bringing clarity and calmness to our own central core.

“Inside I’m connected to the core of life, the process of creation” Thomas Huebl