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Markus Hirzig on Burnout (interview)

Markus Hirzig on Burnout (interview)

Markus Hirzig
Year end is upon us and with it the mad rush to get everything done or won or have fun with family preferably recorded on Facebook, or Instagram etc etc while running like lemmings towards an imaginary cliff…..
Here is Markus Hirzig on Burnout. What does it mean and what to do?
Replay below:

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Next group coaching series with Markus starts April 2018. More information here.

2 thoughts on “Markus Hirzig on Burnout (interview)

  1. grace bergey

    Hi Jena,
    have heard that you and Markus give workshops in the U.S., Southern Calif. correct?
    if so, and if you have some coming in 2020 please let me know… :))

    1. Jena Griffiths Post author

      Hi Grace, apologies for the delay. Not me but I shall give your email to Martha Hamilton, the person who organises workshops when he is over there.

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